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Red vs Blue fic: Of Macaroni Art and Making Grown Men Cry


It’s Father’s Day, and Caboose has a plan. It goes about how you’d expect a Caboose plan to go, so Wash reluctantly comes to the rescue. Part of the retirement fluff series.
828 words | [PG]

Wash follows the smell of something burning into the kitchen. He takes in the scene—there is paper and markers and glitter strewn over the table, and a pot billowing thick black smoke. And in the middle of it all—Caboose and Junior.

“Caboose, what are you doing? You’re going to burn the entire base down.”

“Oh, it’s okay, Agent Washington. I took the batteries out of the smoke alarm, so it wouldn’t bother anyone.”

Wash stares. “That won’t stop-” He doesn’t bother to finish. Wash pulls the pot from the stove. He can’t tell what was even in it. “Were you hungry? You could have asked someone to make you guys lunch.” What does a Sangheili eat anyway?

“It’s Father’s Day!” Caboose says as if that explains anything.


Caboose rolls his eyes like Wash is being the unreasonable one. “It’s Father’s Day, and I’m helping Junior make something for Tucker. Even if he is stupid.” He mutters the last part under his breath before putting on another glowing smile. “We looked it up, and it said that kids make macaroni art for Father’s Day.”

Wash rubs a growing pain between his eyes. It’s typically how all of his conversations go with Caboose. “Caboose, you’re not supposed to cook the macaroni first.”

Junior lets out a string of honks and blarghs. Wash doesn’t need to understand the words to get the meaning—Junior already tried to tell him that. Read more…

Our Father’s Day

We actually had one of those rather pleasant days that seem too far between.

Slept in.  Decided to go out to breakfast.  Waited in line at Elmer’s for like 40 minutes to get a table big enough to seat our family of 7 (always sucks).  Had delicious food.  Drove around for awhile in a fairly quiet car (kids were preoccupied with their DSs).  Stopped at Target and found some shirts for me, hubby, Jack and Meagan sneaked one in some how.  Stopped at Home Depot to look for weed & feed for the yard.  Got screws instead.  Saw a dryer on sale for like $270 because it had a huge dent in the control panel, thinking about getting it.  Stopped at Costco to get get a few things (me and the kids stayed in the car–they drove me nuts so I sat in the bed of the truck).  Went home.  Hubby grilled steaks, I put away groceries and cooked side dishes.  Owen cleaned out the truck, vacuumed the interior.  Brenna unloaded the dishwasher.  Meagan made herself scarce until the chores were over.  Dinner was delicious.  Kids took showers without fighting.  Owen got his hair cut on the back patio (looks so different now).  Kids did their reading and went to bed without a fight.  Stayed up a little watching TV with hubby before he went to bed around 10pm.  I finished up 2 of my challenges but too tired to work on anything that needs actual thought.  Watched Return of the Jedi.  Now I’m going to bed.

Good day.

Owen before his haircut:

Owen now:

I, personally, like him with the long hair.  He’s grown it all the way down to his shoulders before (when he was in kindergarten).  But he gets really hot in the summer so it’s more comfortable to just buzz it all off.  In the past I’ve just done it all one length (1/2-3/4″) because it’s easier.  Hubby was doing his hair this time, though, and did only the sides to 1/2″.  We tried to convince him to keep it that way (long in the middle, shaved on the sides) but he refused.

I thought he looked cute but he needed the middle section a little shorter but wouldn’t stand still for that so we used the longest guide for the clippers (1″) on the top then I took over to fade the back and decided to do the sides really short.  I think he looks really weird to me (besides the fact that he has a HUGE head and looks weird with his hair shaved off) because I did his “sideburns” straight across.  Normally I leave the hair there in a point (little mock-sideburns) but he kept moving when I was trimming them and I clipped the one side too short so just said, “screw it”.

His hair grows really fast so by the time school starts up in August it will be down to his ears already.  I think the last time I cut it was in late January/early February.

This is what he looked like in January:

I’m pretty sure he asked me to cut his hair not long after this.  And at the beginning of April he looked like this:

So, see, it grows pretty darn fast to go from the above picture in April to the first one which I took earlier this month.  He’s such a looker.  I’m already having trouble with the girls and him.  And he won’t be 10 until October.  My 11yo (well, she’ll be 11 next Tuesday) daughter’s friends all have crushes on him despite the fact that he’s 1-2 years younger than them.  He still looks weird with his hair that short, lol.  Wonder what the girls will think.

My favorite hair he had was this:

He was 6 1/2 and in kindergarten when I took this picture.  That day his idiot cousin (who was 16 and should have known better) started teasing him about his hair saying he looked like a girl.  A week later he begged to have it cut.  Sigh.  He spent all school year growing it out, too.

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