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Day 22 of Isolation: Making Masks

So back on March 23, I talked about feeling guilted into a mask-making group. Well, more like I just felt guilty that I couldn’t do it because of my health issues. On one hand, I know how to sew, have lots of fabric just laying around, and nothing else to do. On the other hand, I suffer from severe chronic fatigue and doing anything is exhausting.

Of course, there’s not much I can do about the underlying health problems causing the fatigue right now. My appointment to start that process was canceled with no idea when it can be rescheduled as my PCP is only seeing people for sick visits and emergencies right now.

Anyway, the CDC is now cautiously recommending people wear some kind of covering over their mouth and nose while outside, especially when social-distancing might be difficult (as in supermarket situations). Although I haven’t even left the house in over two weeks, the weather is supposed to be nice this week, and I’d like to go for a walk.

So I decided, despite my fatigue, I could at least make some for the family. I am, after all, nearly out of yarn so my crocheting is stalling out, and I have nothing else to do while I avoid Camp NaNo.

After several days of researching patterns, I spent one day going through my fabric stash. It’s big and full of unused fabric from my quilting days. I took out a lot of fun patterned fabric and some solids for the ties. Then that night, I washed everything and hung it all in the laundry room after it dried. Isn’t it pretty (and this barely made a dent in my stash).


Today, I got out my travel ironing board and my mom’s old hand-me-down iron and got to work. Let me tell you, this would have been easier if I had a real ironing board and an iron that still worked right. That thing is 25+ years old, and the steam function broke a long time ago. Cotton is so much easier to iron when damp. I also don’t have any empty spray bottles (they’re all filled with cleaning chemicals). So like everything in my life, I made do with what I had.


Here’s a picture of my setup. Not much, but I get things done. The fabric is now ironed and ready to start cutting tomorrow. That is if I manage to regain my energy by then. We’ll see.

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