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Writing Prompt

I found this in my prompt folder and couldn’t believe I’d never posted it.


I didn’t know you could love and hate someone equally until I was introduced to Joss Whedon’s storytelling. He’s both a genius and a monster. He’s evil, but in a good way.

bored…here’s a little something I wrote

Title: A Rainbow of Brushes
Characters: River and Jayne (no pairing)
Rating: PG
Word count: 275
Disclaimer: general…I own nothing, sadly and Joss is a god.

Red plastic, cold and hard, flecks of paste still stuck between the bristles.

Plain white, utilitarian, always perfectly clean and kept in it’s case.

Dark green, worn and battered, half the handle broken off, the bristles crushed from months, no years of use.

Hand carved of ancient ivory, bristles so fine and white they glistened, Chinese characters inlaid in jade on the handle, a piece of art in itself.

This one buzzed when you pushed the button. Bzzz, bzzz. The bristles were green and in a circular pattern, bzzz, bzzz, bzzz.

Pink and sparkly, a cheerful tune played if it moved.

Another plain plastic one, this in brown with a soft rubber grip at the end, clean and new.

This one was her favorite, though. She picked it up and held it to her eyes. Inside the clear blue plastic swam tiny little orange fish. At least they were supposed to look of fish but they were a mite to small and made of plastic to be real fish. But the floated and bobbed up and down the handle. But if you shook it too hard bubbles formed and the fishies were obscured.

“Girl, what in the gorram world are you doing?”

“I’m cleaning the floor like the captain asked,” River said as she pushed the red brush against the cold steel decking.

“Gwai-gwai long duh dong! That’s my toothbrush,” Jayne yelled.

Without looking at him she held up the glittery pink brush. Jayne snatched it from her hand.

“Crazy nutter,” he mumbled as he stormed back to his bunk, a cheery tune following him as he went.

“You’re welcome,” River called after him.


Yeah, so I haven’t done much scrapbooking, writing or much of anything else lately.  I stuck in an Angel DVD the other day and next thing I know I’ve watched 7 1/2 DVDs (that’s like 25+ episodes).  Joss just has a way of sucking me into his shows.

I started watching from the middle of season 2 and right now I’m in the middle of season 3.  I just watched “Waiting in the Wings” last night.  One of my all time favorite episodes simply because of all the Angel/Cordy stuff.  I guess I’m a hopeless romantic but I get all giddy and then teary eyed watching Angel deal with the fact that he’s falling in love with Cordy, who happens to be his best friend.

Now that I’ve seen all the episodes, though, it is all so bittersweet, knowing they will never be together…ever.

I once had this little “dream”.  When I say dream I mean more like a little story/movie that I made up in my head (I’m usually totally awake for these things).

Anyway I had this dream that veered drastically from canon.  In my version of events, Groo never showed up after WitW and Angel and Cordy kept with their…whatever it was relationship.  Connor is never abducted by Holtz (although there was some of the stuff with Wes taking him).  Cordy and Angel end up getting pretty close but he’s always too afraid of going any further because of the curse.  Cordy takes on the roll of “mom” to Connor who eventually grows into a toddler.

At some point Buffy and the gang from Sunnydale show up needing Angel’s help.  A huge conflict errupts between Angel/Spike and Buffy/Cordy over past feelings, etc, but in the end Angel has to admit to himself and Cordy that he’s in love with her but before that ever really happens all hell breaks loose and Angelus is freed.  It takes everyone to reign him in but they are too late to save one member of the team…Cordy.  She’s been turned into a vampire just because Angelus is pissed she could have such an effect on him.

But before Cordy can do much damage she is captured by her friends along with Angelus and Willow uses her mojo to no only ensoul both of them but she is able to change the curse so that it is no longer a curse…meaning they are free to love and be as happy as they want to be.

Angel is eternally grateful but feeling utter guilt over more crap that Angelus did.  Cordy, though, is pissed beyond belief at Angel and because she was able to kill just one human is not dealing with being a vampire well.  She doesn’t leave, though, because she wants to stay for Connor and Fred’s new baby (with Gunn).  But her and Angel are pushed apart by circumstances and it is years before they reconcile, not for lack of trying on Angel’s part, though.

It was an interesting story idea.  My stories though tend to be kind of fluid, meaning that there are never solid beginning and endings and I am always coming up with alternatives or changing things to the point where I can’t tell where one story began and ended.

I know at some point I added another part to the story that changed a few things around.  It had Cordy getting ready to marry some guy.  She is in love with Angel but won’t admit it or won’t let her feel those things because he’s Angel, her best friend.  Angel’s totally in love with her but wants her to be happy and, as usual, sacrafices his own feelings.

But something happens (it’s been awhile so I don’t remember the details) and Cordy and Angel end up in a fight to where she changes the wedding plans so they are during the day, meaning Angel can’t come.  It just about breaks his heart and he retreats into himself.

Cordy leaves town with her new husband, still pissed at Angel until she reappears a few years later with a baby and no husband.  She doesn’t want to talk about but needs a place to stay and Angel obliges.

The story kind of then melds into the one I talked about before except it is a couple years later, Connor is a preschooler, stuff that happened at the end of Buffy…just didn’t happen mostly because I hadn’t seen the end of Buffy yet to know what was going on and Angel is still in love with her.  Then it picks up with the Buffy et al. showing up and all hell breaking loose.

It was a little different but had the same end result of Cordy being a vampire with a soul and no curse but pissed at Angel, again.  Evnetually they work things out and have a really bizarre vampire wedding attended by all manor of people and their 2 human children.  What a world, lol.

Maybe I’ll write a version of it some day.

In the mean time here’s a few icons I made for my LiveJournal (they’re mostly from “You’re Welcome”)

[not entirely] random thought of the day…8.2.08

“What a crazy random happenstance,” has become a constant thought in my head.  If you know where that is from then you know what I’m talking about.

If not then you seriously need to check this site out.

Dr. Horrible

It looks like Dr. Horrible is still up and running for those who are cheap bastards and don’t want to pay for it.  Not sure how it ended up there but it is up in all it’s glory at hulu.com and myspace.com.  The official Dr. Horrible Myspace page actually has the video on it’s page (this is the “official” myspace…meaning Joss and company running it).  They are advertising both videos so either they put them up or aren’t all that mad that it happened.

More plublicity, I guess.  I heard they overflowed 3 theaters for their showing at comicon.

Anyway, just thought I’d put it out there for folks that want to see it but are too cheap to shell out the $3.99 for it.  I already bought them on iTunes.  I paid up the day after Act 1 came out and will be getting the soundtrack and DVD as soon as they are released.  Yes, I know I’m a big freaking nerd.

Even my kids are in love with Dr. Horrible.  My 8yo watched it with my least night and after Act 2 she was like, “oh, no, now I have the songs stuck in my head, they’re so catchy.”  My 6yo son just kept pointing out that “Mr. Hammerman” is the guy from Serenity (one of his favorite movies).  My 5yo, I think, had no clue what was going on but liked the music.

Dr. Horrible on itunes

I just checked itunes and Acts 3, 2 and 1 of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog are #1, 2 and 3 for TV show downloads right now.  How awesome is that.  If you want to catch the show while it is still free go to drhorrible.com and watch right now.  By tomorrow night they will be gone and then you have to buy them from itunes or wait for the DVD.

They will be available at itunes until the 29th for $1.99 per act or I bought the season pass for $3.99 and now I’m waiting for Act 2 and 3 to download (I downloaded Act 1 a couple days ago but forgot all about logging back into itunes to download the other 2 parts…my husband is the itunes person, I don’t even own an mp3 player).

yeah, I’m a fan

Joss Whedon is the man and I’m a big dork, I know.  This is my collection of Joss work…a little of everything.  I knit the hat myself.  The kids love it and wore it as much as I did and pulled the yarn ball off of the top.  I made a 2nd one but never put the ear flaps on and I used that all winter.  I still have requests to fill from all 4 of my kids.

It isn’t a big a collection but it is growing.

Ordered it Tuesday afternoon, it came Friday morning

Ordered it Tuesday afternoon, it came Friday morning

My youngest daughter wearing the Jayne hat (I had to fight her to get it back)

My youngest daughter wearing the Jayne hat (I had to fight her to get it back)

Dr. Horrible is finished

I am actually quite sad.  I’m sad that the show/movie is over.  It was such a great story and fun to watch.  And I’m sad about how it ended.  I should have expected that from Joss, though.  The guy never gets the girl in the end.  Poor Angel got screwed over twice.  He never got to be with Buffy and he never got to be with Cordy either.  Buffy didn’t end up with Angel or Spike, the two that loved her most.

So what posessed me to think Dr. Horrible would end up with his love.  I was almost in tears.  And the whole thing pushes Billy (why does it crack me up that his name is Billy) over the edge and he really becomes evil.  Captain Hammer loses it which was the best.

The songs were great.  I’ve watched Act 1 three times and now have the songs stuck in my head.  I plan to get the soundtrack whenever it is released.  I was really cracking up in Act 3 when Hammer was singing to the homeless people, he would lift them up and then insult them in the next sentence.  It was hilarious.

All the Dr. Horrible/Penny songs were great.

Joss needs to do more of these.  It was fun, hilarious and unique.  If you want to catch it go see it now at drhorrible.com.  All 3 acts are up now and you can watch today and tomorrow and after that they go bye-bye (well, you can still download them from itunes fora while…for a price).  I’ve got them on itunes and plan to buy the DVD, too.  I’m such a nerd (I write as I sit here in my Dr. Horrible shirt that I bought at jinx.com–I’m just plugging everything tonight, err, I mean this morning).

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog

I am so happy and grateful that a friend of mine told me about Dr. Horrible.  I had no idea until a couple weeks ago that this very awesome show was being broadcast.

What is Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog?  If you are a Joss Whedon fan you should already know.  I, sadly, did not.  I guess I’m not a big enough fan…I will be in the loop from now on, I swear.

Dr. Horrible is a musical.  Yes, a musical about an inept evil scientist (Dr. Evil); his nemesis, the super hero, Captain Hammer; and the girl from the laundromat.  It is great.  Dr. Horrible is played by Neil Patrick Harris of Doogie Howser and How I Met Your Mother fame and is just perfect as the goofy evil scientist that mumbles when he tries to talk to girls.  Nathan Fillion (who starred in the series, Firefly, and the movie, Serenity–also Joss Whedon productions) is Captain Hammer and he really hams it up as the good looking super hero.  Felicia Day stars as Penny, the girl from the laundromat, that Dr. Horrible (aka Billy) falls in love with.

Joss Whedon is a genius to come up with this stuff.  If you want to watch it free of charge you have to go over to drhorrible.com right now.  Act I and Act II are up and running.  Act III will be put up tonight at midnight (est).  They will be available to watch until midnight Sunday/Monday.  After that the only way you can see them is to buy them on itunes or wait for the DVD to come out.

You can also check out their MySpace page.

Dr. Horrible is just all kinds of fun and I think Joss is going to make all his money back that he put into it.  I know I have already dished out the $3.99 for the series on itunes and bought a t-shirt (which I am currently wearing).  I’ll be getting the DVD when it is released, too.

I highly recommend the show to anyone that likes goofy movies, super hero spoofs or musicals…and of course fans of Joss Whedon and his other works (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firelfy and Serenity).  And don’t forget Joss has a new show coming out this next seasond, Dollhouse, staring Eliza Dusku (who played Faith on Buffy/Angel).

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