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So I haven’t been online much the last week.  All my landcomms have kind of died down for the month.  stargateland is doing a special Red Alert phase just this month which is mostly group stuff (fun, but I’m not much with the group participation) and fictionland ended phase 1 last week but we haven’t heard from the owner in a couple of weeks.  Hope she’s okay.

It’s been kind of nice to have no pressing matters online.  I started going through some older, unfinished stories but then I was having issues with concentration stemming from the fact that I’ve been averaging 5 hours of sleep a night since school started.  Not good for my brain.  Or my immune system.  I caught the cold the kids brought home and was sick for several days and just avoided the computer all together.

I did get a bunch of TV watched and I’m now down to the last 5 episodes of Farscape.

But mostly I’ve been knitting.  I’ve finished a whole bunch of small projects in the last week.

Fingerless mitts for the girls.  They’ve been fighting over these things since I finished them.  Luckily they’re a quick knit.  It took me 2 days to do these while watching Farscape.  About 3 episodes each (so 3 hours a piece).  Not bad.  So I had to make a 2nd pair.

Modeled by Meagan.  These went quicker since I already knew the pattern.  But they turned out slightly bigger despite being made out of the same brand yarn.  I figure that’s because one is the striped kind and that always seems to throw the gauge off (I rarely ever knit test swatches, lol).  I still have one set to make so they’ll stop fighting but I got bored with that pattern.

I moved on to some hats.

This little hat got all screwed up because my attention was split with the TV, lol.  It turned out too shallow for an adult but the girls seem to like it.  It’s made with super bulky yarn so it’s really thick and warm.  Going to try the pattern again but pay more attention to what I’m doing.

This hat took me 2 days and is mostly what I did while I was sick.  It’s done using this slip stitch pattern (because I can not knit with 2 colors in the same row).  Because of all the slipping of stitches and the resulting carried yarn on the back it’s basically double thick in the colored area and, therefore, very warm.  Jack seems to like it even though it’s a bit big for him still.

This little lacy hat I knit in just a few hours one night.  It went really quick (my kind of project).

This one I didn’t knit this week.  I finished last month some time and Jack’s actually worn it twice already but I had to show it off.  There’s no real rhyme or reason to the stripe pattern other than certain colors are grouped together.  This is the 3rd time I’ve used this pattern.

This is the 2nd one I did but used a smaller yarn.  Jack was like 4 months old in the picture.  He looked so cute in that sweater.  The other one isn’t finished.  I ran out of the main color of yarn with the sleeves still left.  We don’t have the store here that I bought it at and I haven’t ever gotten around to ordering some online.

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