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Last Lines


Bellamy tosses another clump of dirt away. “Finn is a nice guy; he’s just a dumbass. He didn’t think he’d see Raven again, but he should have told your right off the bat.”

–a random The 100 fic

Last Lines


“I’m gonna take a quick shower-” She starts to get up but I gently press her back down. “I’ll be like fifteen minutes.” She takes the water but just turns the bottle around and around in her hands

–a The 100 fic

Last Lines


My heart thuds painfully against my chest, threatening to tear free. I’m pretty sure Clarke can hear it. It takes effort to keep my breathing steady.

–A The 100 fanfic (that’s pretty much all I write any more)

Last Lines


the last line I wrote on
July 14, 2016

Monroe was harder to pin down since she didn’t really talk, but she seemed cool. As a cucumber, his mother would have said.

-from a The 100 fanfic


Last Lines

the last line I wrote on
June 14, 2016

Someone grabs her shoulder. “We should go. You found what you were looking for.”

Who’s this?”

Denny. He helped us find you.”


Rafe is here, too.”

Bellamy smiles.

–from a The 100 fanfic

Last Lines

the last line I wrote on
June 13, 2016

She sighs then ruffles his hair again. “That’s the best I can do with this mess.”

He runs a hand through his hair.

–Nothing spectacular here. From “Unbreak My Heart,” a modern au The 100 fic.

Last Lines

the last lines I wrote
for June 12, 2016

The first signs of anything being alive are distant screams that stop Clarke in her tracks. Even Denny looks unsettled.

–from a The 100 fanfic

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