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shipper manifesto: Jack & Sam

Talk about waiting until the last minute.  This is do tonight and I just kept putting it off and putting it off.  It’s nothing profound but I still can’t seem to write anything much lately.  It is what it is.  Maybe someday I can put my love for this couple into some more colorful and better thought out words.

It’s no secret that I’m a Sam/Jack shipper. It’s pretty obvious just by looking at my icons and list of stories. There’s just something about Jack and Sam that pulls me in and makes me get all gooey inside. I started watching SG-1 long after the series went off the air. I don’t really remember the first episode I watched but the next day they had a viewer’s choice marathon on so I got to see all the best episodes. Many of which were very shippy. And I just fell in love.

Colonel Jack O’Neill is the older, somewhat bitter and jaded commanding officer of SG-1. His life hasn’t always been easy. The loss of his son in an accident he blames on himself and subsequent divorce from his wife has left him a little withdrawn. He has absolutely no intention of starting a relationship, especially not with anyone under his command.

Sam Carter is a brilliant up and coming officer assigned to Jack’s team against his protest. She’s a scientist first and holds a somewhat awed, hero worship for Jack when they first meet which is quickly replaced by well-earned respect for his abilities as a military leader and as a man. She would never think to break the regulations regarding relationships between officers.

What I like best about Jack and Sam is that they are so very much alike in very different ways. They are both focused, determined, dedicated, loyal and honest…to the military, their friends and their principals. How those similarities manifest is completely different for each person. And despite that, they are both very, very different. Their interests and likes are in complete opposition to each other.

Yet, they work. Maybe it’s the “opposites attract” mentality or, maybe, it’s their underlying similarities that draw them together. Either way they make a great couple. They compliment each other and balance each other.

Neither started out with an intention of falling for the other. In fact they actively tried to avoid it but deep personal relationships tend to be forged during high stress situations and there’s nothing more high stress than what SG-1 does. They need each other whether they’d ever admit that to anyone, each other or even themselves.

The regulations may keep them apart physically but they will always love each other underneath and they’ve both recognized that over the years, grown together and forged ahead when they could.

And, they’re just so darn cute together:

No matter the distance…

…or the time, reality or universe

Jack and Sam are just meant to be.

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