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Day 73 of Isolation: Happy Memorial Day

It’s the unofficial start of summer and we’re still in lockdown. I actually pretty much forgot it was Memorial Day after I reminded my 9yo that he didn’t have school this morning. With everything going on, it’s hard to tell which day is which, let alone if one is a holiday. Plus, I’m depressed enough without thinking about soldiers that didn’t make it home from war.

I miss the days we lived in Coraopolis, PA. They had a huge Memorial Day parade that was the highlight of the summer really. We lived there for two years on the street the parade went down so we got a bird’s eye view without leaving our living room. Of course, we did go down to the street because what’s the point of a parade if you aren’t sitting on the curb.

Here’s some pictures from 2007.

They were so little and cute. I miss being able to get them dressed up and take pictures. I used put them in red, white and blue for Memorial Day and 4th of July; green for St. Patrick’s Day; orange and black for Halloween and red/pink for Valentine’s. They looked forward to their new shirts each year, but money dwindled and the shirts were less frequent. They outgrew the old ones and then just got too old to dress up if I was lucky enough to even have them around for a holiday. Sigh.

It’s hard to believe they’re all grown up now and one has a child of her own. This was just thirteen years ago. Seems like yesterday. Things were simpler back then.

I think the lockdown is finally getting to me.

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