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Day 59 of Isolation: Mother’s Day Redux

I was in such a foul mood yesterday, but I did want to give thanks to my own mom who isn’t with me anymore. I miss her every single day. This is my 19th Mother’s Day and the 19th Mother’s Day without my mom. She died in August 2000, just a couple months after my first child was born. We never got to be moms together and she never got the chance to be a grandma which she was so looking forward to.

So to my mom, Glenna Jean… Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom out there. I wish I had been a better daughter and told you more often how much I love you. I miss our weekly Sunday chats (although I’m sure Dad doesn’t miss the long-distance bills, lol). I wish you could see your grandkids and great-grandson and be a part of their life, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

me and mom at uncle denny's

Me and my mom in 1985. I was 8.

And here’s the last picture of her alive with her very best friend–her sister, Nora who I named my youngest daughter after (Nora Glenn after the both of them).


And to the other moms in my life…

My mother-in-law, Kay, who is also no longer with us:


Here she is with my youngest son, Jack, in 2010. The last time we saw her. She died in March 2017.

And to my daughter, Meagan, on her first Mother’s Day, who despite all of her issues, is a really good mom. I’m so proud of her.


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