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May the Fourth Be With You


FOBTY from Sweet Shoppe Designs

I guess George Lucas had a birthday yesterday. I guess I wasn’t on the invite list. Oh well. Happy Birthday wherever you are George.
In honor of George’s birthday I submit my Star Wars name:

Your Star Wars Name Is Jenco Gochi

Your Star Wars Title Is Ylllil of Nagaem

Star Wars happens to be my all time favorite movie (the original one anyway). I can’t count how many times I have seen it and have most of it memorized. I’ve even gotten my son hooked on scifi. We started with the original Star Wars trilogy. He has now seen all 6 movies and we (me and him together) got the original trilogy on DVD for Christmas. We also have Revenge of the Sith and the Clone Wars movie. My son has a couple Lego Star Wars sets and we have the Lego Star Wars game on xbox. My son has a few Star Wars shirts and we have the complete Star Wars encyclopedia. I’ve also read a bunch of the books based off the series (don’t have most of them any more).

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