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Day 68 of Isolation: “This Will Be the Day”

I had to watch my grandson for a bit the other night while my daughter took a shower after work and everyone else was busy. He was tired and cranky and just cried because I’m not Mom or Pop-pop (his favorite person in the world).

I managed to distract him for a bit, but eventually, he went back to whining and crying for his mama. I picked him up which didn’t help because he doesn’t really like me (sadly). Then I remembered back in November or December when he was around 5-6 months old, I was holding him and had an episode of RWBY playing. He seemed to really like the theme music. At least, it held his attention for several seconds and got him to stop crying, and he might have bopped his head a bit (his father is a musician so it’s in his blood).

Out of desperation, I found a compilation of all of the RWBY theme songs mixed with some of the other music from the show on YouTube.

And he LOVED it. He immediately stopped crying and started bopping to the beat. Right until he fell asleep in my arms (aww). His mama came and got him 20 minutes later, but I kept right on listening to the music.

And now, I’m completely obsessed. I put the whole hour-and-half long video on loop and just played it the rest of the night and the next day and have played it off and on all day today as well.

I don’t know what it is about the music that soothes and makes me feel good. Maybe because it links to the show which makes me feel good? Maybe partly because I can’t understand half of what is being said in the songs so they don’t all get stuck in my head like most music (the main reason I avoid listening to anything).

I don’t know, but I instantly feel better when I put it on, and with the way things are nowadays, I need anything that can boost my spirits.

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