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story of my life

ME: Wow, look at the time; I should really get to bed. I’ll just check one thing on [insert any social media here].


ME: Goddammit.

Every fucking night.

naptime, yes?

OMG, I’m tired. I’m not going to make it through the day without a nap.  Need sleep.  My brain isn’t even functioning this morning.  I don’t think.

Tuesday went to bed at 2am, up at 6:50am.  No naps all day.
Wednesday tried to go to bed at midnight but the baby woke up screaming.  Spent an hour calming him down.  In bed at 1am, up at 6:30am.
Last night tried to get to bed at 11pm but got sidetracked with stuff and didn’t get into bed until midnight.  Woke at 6am, worrying about missing the alarm.  Up at 6:30am.

This this pain right between my eyes.  ugh.

And my husband… snoring soundly.  On Tuesday he was up at 3:30am for work.  Took a nap from 3pm-5pm.  In bed at 11pm.
Wednesday he got up at 7:30am (so he could walk with us to the bus stop on Nora’s first day).  Took a short nap during the day, in bed at 9pm.
It’s now after 7am and he’s still sleeping.

And now all my fingers are itching.  Like seriously itching and driving me nuts.  What’s up with that?  I didn’t touch anything that would cause an allergic reaction and make my fingers (just my fingers, mostly on my fingertips) itch.  So it must be in my head, right?  See, I’m losing it from lack of sleep.

OK, hubby is up now with the baby.  The 11yo is almost ready to leave for school.  The other girls are getting their room cleaned, Owen is working on “not homework”.  They don’t leave until a little after 8am.  It’s currently 7:18am here.

So, is it naptime yet?

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