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Happy New Year

Another year over, another begins. Not that it means much to me. Really, it is just another day for me. The biggest even was getting to put the new calendar up on the fridge, lol. Last year we had Disney (because it came free in the mail). This year I got puppies for my 6yo daughter (she is obsessed with dogs). January has 3 chocolate (looking silver) labs…which is really making my 6yo sad because in 2007 we got 2 chocolate lab puppies but had to give them away a few months later when we suddenly had to move. She never got over it. Poor kid.

My New Year’s Eve was pretty normal. I played Guitar Hero World Tour most of the afternoon and evening. I didn’t even realize how late it was until the pizza my dad ordered arrived. I stopped for 2 hours while we ate and watched a movie then played until 9pm.

By then my eyes were burning and my fingers were so sore I could barely bend them, lol. I couldn’t even type last night and my hand still hurts.

After that I stayed up watching Angel DVDs and playing on the computer. Pretty normal night for me. Today we are having steak for dinner. Not just steak, but good steak…rib eye steaks. $50 worth of steak. It’s going to be heavenly. Kind of a bad start to my whole “eating right” resolution, though, because I always eat too much when we have steak.

I’ve made 3 resolutions for the year.
1. lose 60lbs by December 31, 2009 (that’s 5lbs a month)
2. finish my NaNo story and the other two fanfictions I have up that have been sitting unfinished since November 2005 and March 2007, respectively
3. finish a scrapbook for each of the kids by the end of the year and/or finish 365 pages (I did 127 pages last year)

Should be interesting. I might get the Nano one done but I never last long on diets. Last year I did good from Jan 1st-March and then I got sick and kind of just forgot about eating right. If I lose the 60lbs I’ll be around the weight I was before I started having kids (195 or so). Then next year I can work on getting down to my target weight of 140. Right now I’ll just be happy to be back in my size 18s and not have my knees and hips hurting so much.

What I’m most looking forward to is school starting again, lol. Just 4 more days of winter break left. I hate having to get up every morning to walk them to school in the freezing cold but at least they are gone for most of the day. It’s just me and the 2yo (well, almost 3yo now) at home and she’s fun to be around and far less annoying then my other kids.

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