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So last night I had to come up with something for dinner for me and hubby.  Well, mostly for me.  I made boxed mac & cheese for the kids but I’m watching what I eat and even made with light margarine and skim milk it’s too fattening for me.  So I rummaged through our limited supplies (fridge/freezer is looking kind of empty again) and came up with this:

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so yummy

Just had one of the most delicious meals ever and it was super low in calories and almost no fat.

We had pork roast (sirloin tip so basically fat free), smashed red potatoes (made with fat free sour cream and fat free half & half), broccoli, sweet corn and green beans.  Jack also got himself some baked beans (the way my dad taught me to make them: Bush’s original recipe, some brown sugar and yellow mustard) because he LOVES them.  And everyone else is getting potato rolls.  I passed on them to save on fat.

There was a bit of guess work on how many calories were in the potatoes since I didn’t actually figure out how many servings were in the amount I cooked (5lbs of potatoes) but I took a big scoop and with a 1/2 to 1 cup of each veggie and 4oz of meat I was somewhere between 400 and 450 calories and like 4 grams of fat.  For a full meal.  I’m actually pretty full but I’m considering having a little bit more of each.  It was so good.

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