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Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

From a fanfic:

When he looks at Octavia he sees his best friend–the person he swore to protect with his life. And now he knows he did nothing but fail her. He kicks off his boots then nudges Octavia over so he can climb into the bed. He tugs the pillow from her hands and tucks his arm under her head. She sniffles into his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, O,” he whispers.

Camp NaNo April – Day 24 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoWe are in the home stretch now. Just one week left of starting random stories that will take months to finish. Although it’s been difficult at times and often seemed fruitless, I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve learned a lot about my writing process and how to push through the “blank page paralysis” that often trips up writers. I’ve also tried out different story styles I never thought I’d ever write.

I am worn out, though. It’s getting harder and harder to come up with fresh stories. My wrists are killing me from the way they sit on the laptop. And I’m just plain exhausted from the mental challenge of writing that many words consistently over a long period. Next month is going to be a chill month for sure.

Anyway, on to today’s recap.

Day 24: mistake

We’re going canon-divergent again because it’s easier that way. Two years have passed since the Ark was sealed up. Being stuck in a small, confined space should be second nature to the residents of Arkadia. I mean, this is how they grew up. But even for them, it’s proving tedious.

It doesn’t help that things keep breaking all over the Ark. Bellamy has no idea why Raven sent him and Clarke to check the pressure on the water pipe. She said he could handle it. When will Raven learn to send the professionals. One little tap and the gauge went flying. Bellamy and Clarke are soaked. Air was a problem in space, but on the ground, water is precious.

They managed to get the water shut off before too much is wasted. Maybe the stress is getting to them because they can’t stop laughing. And Clarke can’t stop looking at Bellamy’s lips. And Bellamy can’t stop- Well, Bellamy just can’t stop himself. He’s tired of waiting.

The kiss is soft and sweet and damn near perfect. For him. Clarke doesn’t react as well. She’s not sure if she’s ready for things to change. Bellamy’s tired of hearing excuses, but he can’t stand to see Clarke cry, either. So he’ll just step back and keep waiting.

Octavia, though, is sick of watching Clarke walk all over her brother. She’s barely speaking to Bellamy, but that doesn’t mean can’t care about him. Bellamy’s too emotionally raw to deal with her after Clarke just broke his heart. Again.

The End.

So, yeah, this story starts with a kiss and things just spiral out of control after that. I told you I have trouble writing fluff. This is pure angst. I honestly haven’t decided which direction I’m taking the story. I only planned until Bellamy talks to Octavia. After that it’s up in the air.


Clarke froze at first, but then her mouth softened to his touch. He could barely believe this was finally happening. Every inch of him vibrated with anticipation.

Then Clarke jerked away. He could feel her tense in his arms, so he slowly let go, making sure she was steady on her feet. She took a step back. Then two. She wasn’t looking at him, and his world crashed in around him.

“I can’t do this, Bellamy. I can’t do this now.”

“Then when, Clarke? It’s been two years, and I don’t know if I can-” He didn’t know how to finish that sentence. It sounded too much like an ultimatum, and that’s not what he wanted. He covered his eyes with his hand and took a deep breath. “Clarke-”

“This was a mistake.”

Bonus bonus:

Octavia fell into step next to him. “How long are you going to let her keep breaking your heart?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He sped up, but Octavia kept pace.

“Yes you do. You keep going back for more, and she keeps kicking you down. I don’t get it.”

He stopped to glare at her. “What do you care anyway? You’ve made it perfectly clear that I’m not welcome in your business. Well, it goes both ways. So mind your own business and leave me alone.”

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Handle with Care – share (day 6)

Camp NaNo April – Day 23 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Twitter-HeaderToday’s story is completely different for me. Not only is it a modern AU, but it’s themed. My first ever celebrity AU. These things are my guilty pleasure. I mean, not just in fanfic. Last year, I read every book on my shelf that had a celebrity theme–singers hiding out in small towns, kids of famous people, finding out your online crush is famous. My 2015 NaNo novel was about a girl whose famous brother comes to live with her which disrupts her entire life. This is my trope.

But it’s the first time I’m trying anything like this. I had fun writing the first few scenes.

Day 23: writer’s choice

When Octavia told him she was struggling to make ends meet in L.A., Bellamy thought the brotherly thing to do would be to pack up his life and go help her. After all, it’s pretty much all he knows how to do.

He hasn’t even had a chance to skim the want ads before Octavia is roping him into helping her with her job designing costumes at Arkadia Studios. When he said he was going to help, he meant paying the bills, not carrying her boxes.

L.A. is a completely alien place to him, but Octavia seems to have adapted well. She knows how to move through traffic like a NASCAR driver, knows where to get the best coffee, and knows how to sweet talk everyone she meets.

He’s starting to think helping her out won’t be so bad until he hears the tantrum coming from the dressing room down the hall.

The End.

Didn’t get too far, but I have plans. Plans, I tell you! Lots of fun bickering, angst, and a slow burn romance. Why can’t this be written already?


The girl noticed Bellamy, her eyes widening as she stepped all the way into the room. She was about Octavia’s height and age with blond hair hanging just past her shoulders and bright brown eyes. She leaned against he door frame, crossing her arms over her chest. “Who’s your friend?”

“Nobody.” Octavia handed Bellamy the plastic wrapped dresses and grabbed the coffees. “He’s my brother, and we’re going to be late.”

The girl fell into step next to them. “I’m Harper, by the way. Assistant to the assistant to an assistant of someone that isn’t important.”

Bellamy arched an eyebrow. “Then what exactly do you do?”

“Hell if I know. Mostly I run around reminding people that they’re late. It’s not as easy as it sounds.”

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Handle with Care – share (day 6)

The 100 (tv) fanfic: Always & Forever

always[Bellamy & Octavia]
Just a little snapshot of a cold night on the Ark for young Bellamy and Octavia.
673 words | rating: G

Bellamy was half asleep when a small hand rocked his shoulder.

“Bell?” Octavia said softly.

“Hmm?” He didn’t bother to open his eyes.

She didn’t say anything.

He counted to ten in his head. He had a test in the morning in physics, and he needed a good grade or he’d be stuck cleaning toilets the rest of his life. “What do you want, Octavia?” he mumbled.

“I’m cold.”


She made an exaggerated shiver. He popped one eye open to look at his ten-year-old sister. She wore only her nightgown which was just one of his extra shirts that was way too big on her. Captain Wigglebottom, her stuffed bunny, was tucked tight to her chest. She shifted from foot to foot as if to prove how cold the ground was.


He propped himself up on his arm. “What?”

“It’s cold in here.”

“It is. You should put on some warmer clothes.”

She crossed her arms, pouting. “I only have one outfit and Mom is washing it.”

His face flushed. “Oh.” He glanced over to the empty bed Octavia usually shared with their mom. She’d gotten into the habit of disappearing at night. Bellamy didn’t ask a lot of questions because he wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answers.

Octavia bit her lip, waiting. Part of him wanted to tell her to get lost. She had her own blanket, and he needed to get some sleep. But she looked at him with big, watery eyes and a quivering lip. Whenever he got frustrated with her, he tried to remember that she had no one else. Her entire existence was this room. Him and their mom—that’s all she knew. As socially awkward as Bellamy was thanks to his circumstances, at least he could say he had friends. He’d even had a girlfriend or two. Octavia had nobody. And never would. He was her only friend.

He sighed then scooted over, lifting the blanket. She dove in next to him and curled up to his warm body. He yelped when her ice-cold feet touched his legs as she squirmed around, looking for a comfortable position. Sliding his arm under her neck, Bellamy pulled her close to keep her still as much as to warm her. Soon her breathing evened out, and he could tell she was falling asleep.

Bellamy laid back and stared up at the ceiling of his bunk—the little seven by three foot space he could call his own. The bed wasn’t made for two, and even with Octavia’s tiny frame, it was a tight fit. But he didn’t complain.

For one, he was a lot warmer with her in the bed with him. And two, he had to admit he kind of liked having her close. They shared a bed when they were little until around the time he turned twelve, and well, his body started changing. He demanded privacy. At six, she didn’t understand why he kicked her from the bed. Now he regretted it because he always slept better with her near. That way he knew she was safe.

He covered his eyes with his free arm and tried to fall back asleep.

“Bellamy?” Octavia mumbled into his chest.


“You’re the best.”

He smiled at the ceiling. “No, you’re the best. Just next time, don’t leave your feet outside of your blanket until they go numb before coming over here. You’re not fooling anyone.” He jabbed a finger into her ribs. She giggled and tried to touch his leg again.

“Okay, time to go to sleep,” he said with a yawn. “Or you’re going back to your own bed.”

“Would you do that?” Her voice sounded tiny.

Bellamy stared at her for a long time. He couldn’t believe she thought he was serious? Octavia looked back at him, eyes wide, her lip caught between her teeth. He brushed the hair from her face and kissed her softly on the forehead. “No. I’ll always let you stay, cold feet and all. Always, O.”

And he meant it.

Six Sentences on Sunday


His eyes slide closed, and he has to force himself to stay awake. They’d offered him some full time hours at the restaurant for the week. Sixteen hour days plus the commute there, between jobs, and back home were going to kill him. It left him six and a half hours to shower, sleep and eat. And spend time with Octavia. In his life, there literally weren’t enough hours in the day.

–From “Unbreak My Heart,” a modern au The 100 fic

Last Lines

the last line I wrote on
June 13, 2016

She sighs then ruffles his hair again. “That’s the best I can do with this mess.”

He runs a hand through his hair.

–Nothing spectacular here. From “Unbreak My Heart,” a modern au The 100 fic.

Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentencesTake any six sentences from one of your current works in progress and post them.

“Are you going to tell me you’re pregnant?” He’s teasing, but the thought sends a shot of panic through his system. He bites his cheek. “Please tell me you’re not pregnant.”

“It’s triplets. Bubba says we can get married at the biker hall, but I gotta shank a bitch to get in first.”

-from a modern au of The 100 where Bellamy and Octavia are trying to figure out their lives after their mother dies.
(I never thought I’d write modern au’s because I like to stick mostly to canon, but they’re kind of addictive.)

The 100 (TV) fic: I Found a Girl

hug_foundagirlI Found a Girl
by jennickels (aka Jen Connelly)
The 100 (TV)
495 words
rating: PG

Bellamy’s been walking all night, carrying the weight of the world and the lone survivor of Factory Station. His mission to find Clarke has failed miserably. And another member of the group died on his watch. He’s not looking forward to this homecoming, but Camp Jaha has a surprise waiting for him.

My take on the reunion scene in episode 2.05: Human Trials. I fudged the details just a little—call it poetic license. (Title: I Found a Girl by Jan and Dean.)

don’t own… wish I did, but I don’t. No infringement intended.

I hurt. Everywhere—inside and out. My arms ache, my feet are blistered, and my soul is splintered. We hobble into Camp Jaha, ragged with exhaustion. Abby runs up, and I try not to look as defeated as I feel. I’m not sure I can take her disappointment on top of my own.

I didn’t find Clarke.

But Abby barely glances at me—her concern concentrated on the girl I’m practically carrying. She listens to my pathetic report then guides Mel and Monroe away. Not a single question about Clarke.

I find out why a second later when Clarke launches herself at me before I can even process the sight of her. She’s here. In camp. In my arms. And I’m standing here like an idiot as she cries into my shoulder. I don’t know what this means, but I do know the weight inside me lifts. Suddenly I can breathe.

I throw my arms around her, holding tight. I’m afraid to let go because this might just all be a dream. I bury my face in the crook of her neck. She smells like sweat and dirt and the antiseptic used to clean her wounds. I fight back burning tears. Eventually her grip eases, and I have to let go.

Her eyes search my face. I wonder what she finds there. I take the chance to blatantly stare back. She looks horrible—her face a patchwork of cuts and bruises, blood and grime. If I could take away her pain, I would. Not that she’d ever let me.

She sniffles; I sniffle. She smiles; I smile. Is her heart racing like mine? She steps away to hug Octavia. My sister eyes me with the kind of look that always puts me on guard. Her smirk says, “I know your secret.”

I swallow hard. I have no problem admitting that I care about Clarke. We’ve been through too much together to deny that, but anything more seems dangerous. Love makes you do stupid things. Like take your illegal sister into public knowing your mother will be floated if anyone found out. Love weakens you. It opens whole new paths of pain. Of course, none of that changes the warm tickle in my chest when she’s around.

Clarke looks between Octavia and me, her smile fading. “Where’s Finn?”

It feels like an eternity before I can pull myself together and not sound like she shattered me into a thousand pieces with two words. I take a deep breath, rebuilding protective walls, then catch her gaze. “Looking for you.”

Her lips scowl at me, but her eyes are a million miles away, already searching for Finn. She’ll leave as soon as she can, and she won’t have to ask if I’ll go with because we both know I will. I’d follow her to the ends of the Earth. Even to look for the guy she’s in love with. At least then I’ll know where to find her.

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