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My Thoughts on The Walking Dead 5.06

from walkingdead.wikia.com

from walkingdead.wikia.com

Among the people I associate with, this was the episode we’ve been waiting for. There are just too many weeks in between Daryl episodes. Rick who? Not that I don’t like the other ones, because I love this show.

I have lots of thoughts on this episode. Who am I kidding, I have lots of feels about this episode. I can’t count the number of times I said, “awwww.” I don’t care what’s actually going on between Daryl and Carol, but I love seeing them together. Every seen is perfect in my eyes. They just have this bond. She’s about the only one Daryl feels comfortable talking to, and she’s been nothing but supportive to him. I knew the eventual reunion scene¬†(5.01) would be all tear worthy. I was not disappointed.

There were so many tender moments between Daryl and Carol despite their dire circumstances. They’re off on their own, get attacked, lose their weapons, and almost die (like that’s new). It’s just the way that it all happened made the fangirl in me squeal.


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