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FOBTY–the zoo

I love the zoo. I still remember going to Brookfield when I was like 12 and walking from the loop to Lincoln Park when I was 16 and, of course, that time me and my cousins sneaked into John Ball Park Zoo in Grand Rapids, MI. I was like 7 or 8 when we did that.

Now we have a membership to Brookfield and used to take the kids a lot. They are getting older and don’t always want to go any more but I still love it. When we lived in PA the first thing we did was get a membership to the Pittsburgh Zoo. That came with free admission to a bunch of other zoos. In the 2 years we lived there we also visited the Cleveland Zoo several times and went to the Columbus Zoo once (which was awesome and we didn’t have enough time to properly explore…or a camera).

I’m not sure if I have a favorite animal. I always loved the polar bears when I was a kid (who doesn’t) but I prefer the smaller indoor exhibits now. Each zoo that we’ve been to has had different ones and they are all unique and fun. The Pittsburgh Zoo was great with their indoor exhibits.

My favorite at Brookfield Zoo is probably their Desert exhibit where they have the Meerkats. Those little guys are so cute. I just love the feel of those exhibits…they take you to a different time.

I still remember the first time I stepped into the ape house at Brookfield when they upgraded to what they have now (I was probably 12). It was fantastic. We rarely go in there with the kids. For one it is always packed, and two, I’m terrified one of them will fall (it’s happened…a kid fell into the gorilla habitat when I was a teen) but we saw a baby gorilla there last year. The kids loved it.

Man, now I want to go to the zoo. Our membership expired, though, and we don’t have the money to get a new one right now.

scrapbook page of the day

One of my favorites that I completed this week.  This is from a sketch challenge at thedigichick.com.

The pictures are from Halloween 2003 when my kids were 3, 2 and about to turn 1 (my 3rd child’s birthday is a week after Halloween).  We spent the afternoon at the zoo and had so much fun.

boo at the zoo

scrapbook page of the day

Again with the zoom lens love, lol.  Took these at the zoo yesterday.  Normally I focus on the kids and their reaction to the animals (if I remember to take pictures at all) but yesterday we got a treat as the polar bear was diving into the water.  So I got about 20 shots of him which lead to me taking pictures of most of the animals we saw, including the alligator that was inside the swamp exhibit behind plexiglass.  I’m slowly learning how to set the camera to take pictures in the near dark without the flash.  I think the alligator turned out well.  The lighting inside the swamp exhibit sucks and flash photography isn’t allowed.  All I did was fiddle with the levels and contrast after the fact.

My favorite shot is of the wolf, though.  He was right near the fence gnawing on a bone and I almost didn’t see him except everyone else stopped to look and I snapped a few shots as we walked by.  I also got pictures of the black bear and the okapi.  I would have gotten more pictures but my camera ran out of batteries as we were leaving.  That always happens.  I didn’t even bring the camera bag so I was stuck.  Oh well.  I took 200+ pictures and many of them turned out (kind of hard to get good pictures with kids running every which way–many of them were blurry despite using the sports mode on the camera).

Here’s a few closeups of the kids at the zoo.  I love taking pictures of them at the zoo because of all the wonderful natural light.

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