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So, I’m not sure I mentioned it on this blog but back in February I wrote my first novel. I was just trying to write my 750 words a day and I had no plot planned out. I just knew the characters that had come to me in a haze of sleep and started writing them. I finished the novel 6 weeks later. A few weeks after that I started editing/revising and OH BOY did I have a lot to do since there was no logical plot at all.

After months of tearing the thing apart and trying to put it back together, my hair pulling, headdesking and crying to a friend I decided to shelve it for awhile. I needed a break.

I was telling this friend the other day that I think I was ready to go back and look at it again with a fresh take. She reminded me this morning of that so I opened the file and stared at it.

The original title was WHATEVER IT MEANS but as I rewrote I put in a new plot and the more I tried to fit the story to that plot I realized the  book should really revolve around this plot (which was originally going to be something on the side of the main plot) and the name changed to THE SUMMER LIST.

This is where things got messy. Today I was staring at the title page which still bore the original name WHATEVER IT MEANS and I had an epiphany. My problem with the book is that I was trying to smoosh two completely separate novels into one. They were completely different in style, mood and meaning. Duh! Why hadn’t I seen this before

WHATEVER IT MEANS is supposed to be about two teens dealing with their grief after someone important to both of them dies. They can’t stand each other but their common pain brings them together and they find the only person they can talk to about it is each other. Their parents don’t want them near each other but as they keep running into each other and having had conversations about the girl they both loved (in different ways) they start to have feelings for each other which just confuses things even more. It’s the bare basics of the novel I wrote in February without all my added subplots and crazy stuff (that was fun to write but was stupid and didn’t fit the book).

THE SUMMER LIST was meant to be a much lighter fare, like a good feeling, funny, sassy,  summer read based around the dislike between two characters that grow to like each other. Yeah, it’s a trope but I enjoy writing it. I was trying to explain all of this to my husband and then explain how I was going to do some simple outlining for each story.

I was explaining how the outlining worked using my new plot for SUMMER LIST as an example and OMG I suddenly realized I had completely outlined it in my head start to end. WOW. Now the race is on to get it all down on paper.

Now I just need names for the characters in the new THE SUMMER LIST novel. Any suggestions?

damn plot bunnies

I just had this overwhelming urge to write AU “Unending” fic where Jack got stuck with them in the time dilation.  No idea why.  It just kind of jumped into my head.  Damn those plot bunnies.  I’ve got too many of them in there, I don’t need more.

I also had an excellent idea for a scene in a fic I may or may not be writing at the moment.

I can’t decide if I want to add it to a story I’m working on or start a new one to include this scene because it would dramatically change the storyline of the one I have plotted out and would need a lot of attention in story.  I think I’m going to have to save it for a later fic so I can do it justice (teaser: Sam & Jack are trapped alone off world with no hope of rescue, Sam is attacked by native animals and loses her arm…enter the drama!).

Must kill plot bunnies… they are evil!

NaNo planning

It’s getting to be that time of year again–NaNoWriMo time.  Yesterday (after watching several episodes of Farscape so it was on my brain) I had an idea for a story… just an inkling.  I’ve been trying to develop it further so I have something to write in November.  I’m kind of burnt out on Stargate and still haven’t finished last year’s epic SG-1 novel.  If I write an original story it will continue my pattern.  I wrote That 70s Show fic in 2005, nothing in 06 and 07 (participated just never got more than a couple thousand words and can’t remember what I was writing anyway but I’m sure one was an original fic), Angel fic in 2008, original fic in 2009 and SG-1 last year.  So it’s time for original fic again.  🙂

All I’ve got right now are a couple characters and the beginning plot.  Sort of.  I just need to figure out what the hell is going on.
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