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Blast from the Past

I haven’t watched this in years but Nora (my 7yo) brought it up and I had to go find the video. So freaking funny.

random thought

An anyone listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and not start head banging right in the middle of it?

Okay, maybe it’s only Americans that do that…or just the ones that like corny movies like Wayne’s World.  I haven’t watched the movie in years but no matter how long it has been as soon as I hear the opening chords of Bohemina Rhapsody I can picture Wayne and his gang of misfits in his crappy little car driving around Chicago (you even get a shot of the giant Indian on the corner of 63rd and Pulaski…blocks from my house).

crunching the numbers (scrapbooking)

So I did some number crunching the other day.  Okay, I looked in my notebook where I keep track of my layouts.  On the front cover I’ve recorded the totals from each month I scrapped.

So here we go.


2006 (May-December): 43
2007: 26
2008 (so far): 82

Wow.  I had a goal of 100 pages for 2008 and I’m sure I’m going to meet and excede this goal.  Wanna know why?

Here’s the numbers from this year:

Monthly totals:

January: 1
February: 0
March: 8
April: 5
May: 6
June: 10
July: 33!
August: 6
September: 2
October (so far): 11 finished, 1 in progress

And those 11/12 in October?  All this week.

October 26: 3
October 27: 5
October 28: 1
October 29: 2 and one in the works.

I’ve been a busy little bee, haven’t I.

[not entirely] random thought of the day…8.2.08

“What a crazy random happenstance,” has become a constant thought in my head.  If you know where that is from then you know what I’m talking about.

If not then you seriously need to check this site out.

random thought of the day…7.29.08

If you have a child that is deaf and a child that is blind how do they communicate with each other?

Seriously, this popped into my head this morning…talk about random.

random thought of the day…7.28.08

Forgetting sunblock is a bad thing.

Thirty-one years old…you would think I would know better by now.  But no…………of all the days I forget sunblock today had to a real scorcher.  It didn’t feel that hot out but there were no clouds and after I got out of the pool I was drying on the lounge and it was just so nice and the kids went inside and I just laid there.

Yeah, dummy, guess what happens when you lay out in the blazing sun with now sunblock.  I’m a moron.  Now my back is itchy and my arms feel like they are on fire.  Blah.

random thought of the day…07.26.08

Tastes change.

Another true fact from me to you.  When I was a kid I couldn’t stand when my dad would make asparagus.  I think he was the only person in the house that ate it and I just wanted to gag.  Here it is, some 20+ years later, and what did I make with our Italian chicken tonight?

Asparagus…on the grill.  A technique I learned on the 4th of July.  Just make a foil packet out of heavy duty aluminum foil, place frozen asparagus and some butter, close and toss on the grill with the chicken.

It was so tender and yummy.  Oh, that brings me back to my point that tastes change.  I had TWO helpings of asparagus tonight.  All three of my kids (that are here, my oldest is at a friend’s house) devoured it.

random thought of the day…7.25.08

Legos are the coolest toy ever invented.

They can keep a child occupied for hours and build creativity and are great for all ages.  My 6yo son and 5yo daughter cleaned the whole house just so they could get my collection of legos out of the basement.  Now they, along with my 2yo daughter, are playing happily in the dining room and I’m resisting the temptation to go join them.  I have such fond memories of playing with Legos when I was a kid.

A sampling of our Lego collection, circa 2006 (we've since added more)

A sampling of our Lego collection, circa 2006 (we've since added more)

random post of the day…7.24.08

Sometimes coming up with a random thought is hard.  That’s as random as I get today.

random thought of the day…7.23.08

Getting too much sleep will actually make you more tired.

It’s true.  Oversleeping is just as bad as not getting enough sleep in making a person tired throughout the day.  When I was in college I used to go to bed at 10pm and not wake up until 11am and wonder why I was still so tired all the time.  I was getting enough sleep…12-13 hours a night.  Come to find out I was getting too much sleep.  After I quit school and started working full time at Wally World I was going to bed at midnight and getting up around 8am.  A nice eight hours of sleep.  Sure I was super tired in the morning and didn’t want to get up but once I got moving I felt find and was never exhausted all day long like when I was sleeping 12 hours a night.

Now with kids, during the school year, I average 5-6 hours a night.  In college I never would have thought I could survive on less then 8 hours a night but I do it most of the year now.  Now that it is summer and my husband is home all the time (he hurt his back and hasn’t worked since December) I sleep in every morning.  I go to bed at 2am and sleep until 10am or later sometimes.  I am always tired.

I need to get back into a routine where I go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up at 8am on the dot to start my day.  Yeah, who am I kidding…that will never happen becuase I like staying up late.  I don’t relax until the kids are in bed.

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