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When ideologies collide on facebook


Facebook is great for a lot of things. For me, the best part is being able to keep in touch with family that lives on the other side of the country. Without facebook I’d have no idea what was going on with everyone. I love being able to log in and find out what my cousin’s son is doing in Michigan or how my aunt’s vacation is going in Florida or how my old neighbor is still warring with the crazy lady next door.

But facebook has a much darker side, too. First of all, there’s all those highly addictive games. They’re sneaky and will get you every time. The games lead to the second most evil thing about facebook: game requests. No, I don’t want to help you on Candy Crush, please stop asking!

My biggest issue, though, is dealing with people on my friends’ list that have vastly different social, religious, and political ideas than me. As an atheist, facebook has been great for finding other atheists to commiserate with, but on the flip side I have to deal with people spamming my feed with stuff about god. It goes on and on, sometimes ten or fifteen posts in a row about how much god loves us or how Jesus will save us. Anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, pro-guns, pro-military, pro-crazy rancher in Nevada. Ultra conservative Evangelical Christian Republicans who believe their view is the only right one. Bob forbid you disagree with them.

An easy solution to the last one is to just not respond to their posts. Which I don’t. But they’re still there. Dozens of them, several times a day, making me wade through them to find updates I actually want to read.

The dilemma, though, is do I block them, unfriend them, ask them to stop, suck it up, or just quit using facebook?

Option three would just be rude–it’s a free country and they can post whatever they want. I shouldn’t have to quit a site or sit quietly and endure and bunch of crap I don’t want to see, though. So that leaves blocking or unfriending? But can you really do that if they are family.

I wouldn’t mind if it was one or two things here and there. I don’t mind when other family members post things about their beliefs, but they don’t go overboard. And I don’t go crazy posting twenty atheist posts in a row. In fact I post nothing about atheism because it gets those family members in a tizzy. Then I get IMs wanting to know why I can’t just believe, and don’t I know how much god loves me, and “I just don’t understand, but I’ll pray for you.” Gee thanks.

I love my family, even the crazy religious members, but I’m not sure I can take much more of the spamming. I don’t want to start some family tiff either.

I guess for now I’ll just have to suck it up. Which, well, sucks.

why did I answer the door?

Ugh.  I should know better.  We don’t know anyone here, the kids are all in school and I’m not expecting packages.  Why did I answer the door?  There’s only one thing it could be: missionaries.  Or in this case super fundamental religious people trying to sell books.

I was happily watching the commentary on the first episode of Farscape and knitting up a little stuffed animal for my Meagan’s friend (it’s her birthday today and we have no money for gifts).  Even though my husband went in to work today I’ve had limited time to just relax and enjoy my day without noise and distractions.  I had to walk to the store again today so that took an hour and cleaning up the house and lunch.  Jack laid down at like 1pm and I threw a load of laundry in and sat down to watch and knit.  Hubby gets home at 2:30 and Meagan at 3pm.  I wanted to get this animal done before then.

And then the doorbell rings.  These people start off as if they’re touting healthy living, show me a cook book.  And then move on to Bibles and god and blah, blah, blah.  There’s no opportunity to tell them I’m not interested, they just keep blabbering on.  Finally they ask me if I’m interested in the books which were all super Christian and probably full of factual errors and I said, “no.”  And then the guy (who was super nice, they both were) asks why and I’m like I’m just not into religion.  So he asks, “but you still believe in god,” like the thought of meeting anyone that doesn’t is just beyond him.

How do these people find me.  At least the Jehovah’s Witnesses leave after 30 seconds if you tell them you’re not interested.  Unlike the Mormon boys that acosted me on the street last week.  I’m trying to get home in time for the kids to get off the bus, it’s hotter than hell, I was sick and in a bad mood to begin with.  They crossed the street to start preaching to me and when I said I wasn’t interested they kept pressing me.  For a full block they badgered me to take their card and listen to their word.  How much plainer can I get than, “I AM NOT INTERESTED”?

And now these people.  Once they found out I didn’t believe in their god the preaching started.  The girl (again, super sweet young girl from the Ukraine) starts going on and on about creation science and how it makes so much more sense than evolution.  I could tell just from talking to them that they are completely clueless as to what evolution really is.  The fact that they mention “the big bang” theory was enough to know they didn’t understand what the hell they were talking about.  It took every ounce of will power not to roll my eyes.

Up until now I’d only met these people online.  Now I know they really do exist in the real world.  But, they left shortly after that when they realized they weren’t going to sway me but they were giving me all this pity like they felt sorry I didn’t see their god the way they did and my life must be so horrible.  Whatever.

The whole time all I could think was why couldn’t Jack wake up NOW.  Then I’d have an excuse to leave.  They sure couldn’t read body language because everything about my stance screamed “really not interested in this.”

They finally leave and I go back inside to find my commentary is in the credits.  Grrr.  I had gotten to the point where Aeryn is “irrevocably contaminated” and they are detained by the Peacekeepers.  Only to come back and the show is over.  Shows how long they kept me captive and I’m too nice to just tell them to get lost.

Then I have my husband texting me wanting me to make dinner to be ready when he gets home at 2:30.  For crying out loud, dinner isn’t until 5pm.

Now he’ll be home in a half hour and I didn’t get an freaking time to myself.  And I have a migraine.  Grrr.

[again: I have no issue with religious people I just wish they’d leave me the hell alone.]

ignore this if you are religious

My kids have been going to this puppet show thing at the park every Wednesday since the beginning of July.  They get free snow cones, a candy of some kind and dinner (nachos or pizza or mac & cheese).  They have games and then the puppet show which I’m told continues from one week to the next.  The kids have been having a blast and all the kids in the neighborhood go.  I never really thought much about the people putting it on.  They seemed like a nice group and really enjoy entertaining the kids dressed as pirates, lol.

Well today is the 2nd to last day and the kids just got home.  My 5yo comes up and shows me a little flyer they gave her for a special “pirate day” on Saturday at the local 7th Day Adventist Church.  Not going.

Anyway, she runs off to use the bathroom and comes back to finish telling me about the candy she got and the “tattoos” (like face art but on her hands).  Then I look at her shirt and she has a big sticker that says, “Jesus is my best friend.”  I about died.

…and this is probably where the really religious will want to just go about their day…

See, we’re atheist.  We’ve been raising our kids without religion and god talk as much as possible (minus the three year stint at Catholic school while living in Chicago because the public schools had no room).  I have no problem with religion and religious people as long as they don’t try to push it on to me and my kids.

I had heard that the group hosting the park days was from this church but up until today the kids have never mentioned any religious aspect of the show.  (And, no, I’ve never gone… it’s the kids’ time to enjoy and I don’t hover over them.)  But now I’m concerned.  My 5yo was all excited to tell me how Jesus is her best friend and loves her and I wanted to gag.  I told her to throw away the sticker which was a bit excessive but… blah.

I mean no offense to my religious friends.  I won’t try to convince your kids to be atheist and I’d appreciate religious people not trying to convince my kids that Jesus is real and loves them.

Since this is the first mention (and the 5yo missed out on the Catholic schooling) of Jesus since July started and there is only one Wednesday left I’ll let it slide.  Most likely she’ll forget about it after a few weeks but it bugs me that people (churches) think it’s okay to preach to unsuspecting kids while hiding behind being an inclusive neighborhood performing group.

And no where on their flyers they taped up all over and hand out door to door every week say that they are from the church.  It just says that they are this performing group, will be at the park on Wednesday at 5pm and there will be free food and games.

I think it’s kind of sneaky and underhanded to then slip Jesus and religion into the performance and games and act like it’s no big deal.  Sigh.  And here I thought we lucked out on a nice liberal, care free neighborhood.  There’s always got to be that one church/group/person to ruin it for us.

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