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Flashback Friday Fic: Road Trip (SGA)

Welcome to Flashback Friday Fic where I go back and repost fic I wrote years ago.

roadtripThe Atlantis jumpers are good for a great many things. Taking long flights between planets is not one of them. Now Rodney is stuck in the small compartment with his team with flashbacks to an ill-fated college road trip.

1076 words | rating: PG

“I’d like to reiterate again what a colossally bad idea I think this is,” Rodney told the others as the jumper headed into the wormhole. They exited the other side and immediately took to the air, rising into the atmosphere in seconds. “I don’t do well on road trips,” he continued, oblivious to his team’s rolling eyes and pointed stares. “I get claustrophobic and there’s the matter of snacks and bathroom breaks. And there’s always one person that never shuts up.

“I remember this one time as an undergrad, I went with some other people in the dorm to a football game. Don’t even ask why I was going. There was this girl—a blond, real sporty. Anyway, the drive was like three hours, and it was hell. The driver refused to stop for any breaks other than his own, and the music blasting…”

“McKay,” Sheppard barked, interrupting Rodney’s train of thought.


“We all know you think this is a bad idea. Your protest has been noted.”

“Several times,” Ronon muttered.

Rodney glared at them. “All I’m saying-”

“We get what your saying,” Sheppard cut in. “Now can it.”

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