Day 182 of Isolation: Plague Update

It’s been nearly two weeks since my daughter woke up with a sore throat and cough. As of right now, she seems fine. She never developed any other symptoms and because she quarantined herself and wore a mask outside of her room, no one else in the house caught her cold (a first).

She’s now been let out of quarantine but continues to wear her mask in the house just in case.

Her biggest issue now is she’s behind in her schoolwork. She’s doing an online school that requires her to do one assignment each day. When she was sick, she couldn’t keep up. Now it’s nearly impossible to catch up because each assignment is hours of work (they expect her to spend 5 hours each day doing schoolwork) so it’s not like she can really do more than one assignment in a day.

Being a kid is not easy right now.


Day 175 of Isolation: 2nd Day of School

School went a little better today, thankfully. He even spent a good portion of the day giggling at stuff going on.

There were no major technical difficulties, just the expected lag (which was better than yesterday, he said). He got all of his work done without tears even though he was really tired this morning as he’s still adjusting to needing to be up before 8am. Normally, his bus doesn’t even come until 8:45 with school starting at 9:15am so this is a really early day for his school.

He got all of his work done before 11:15am so he’s on the computer again. I guess having to get up at 7:30am is a good trade-off for finishing school before lunch.


Day 174 of Isolation: First Day of School

Things didn’t go that great. He had issues with Zoom right off the bat before class even started that resulted in a panic attack and lots of tears.

I got the technical issue sorted out and managed to calm him down enough to continue, but he wanted to quit right then and do the all-online option with no Zoom meetings.

Hopefully, tomorrow is a little better.

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Day 37 of Isolation: School Stress

When this first began over a month ago, school was canceled until April 24. It was decided kids wouldn’t be graded and they’d only do review work to keep the kids busy during the weeks off (one of those weeks being spring break). Then the stay home order was extended until May 1. And then the governor canceled school for the rest of the term.

With the kids no going back to physical classrooms, the schools have changed directions on learning. They have gone to pass/fail system and have moved into continued learning, starting from where they left off back in March.

The house went from pretty laid back to full-on tension in a matter of the weekend. Now my 17yo and 14yo are constantly fighting because the 14yo has daily Zoom meetings and nowhere to do them since the 17yo won’t let her do them in their room.

There are seven people living in a three-bedroom house. It’s cramped and loud and chaotic everywhere. She can’t really do the meetings downstairs because her brother is on the computer/doing his schoolwork and/or my husband is yelling at his video games or watching TV and my grandson is screeching and banging on things because that’s what babies do. Then the 19yo comes in and starts fighting with someone over something.

Now the 14yo has anxiety through the roof because she can’t do her meetings and is falling behind in her classes. The 17yo isn’t doing any of her schoolwork (she normally does online school so nothing has changed for her except there are more people around during the day to distract her).

The 9yo will do his basic work but zero extra. He’s refusing to do his reading work because that teacher wants him to record himself reading. He hasn’t done any music, art or library stuff. He blows through his English, math and social studies in an hour and wants to watch YouTube or play Minecraft the rest of the day.

I literally don’t have the energy to fight them. Now I’m stressed out and anxious all of the time as well because no one is getting anything done and I can’t really do anything about it, but I’m going to get blamed all the same.

On top of that, I have no idea if my 18yo is doing any of his work. He’s staying with friends and is an adult so I’m not going to nag him. I believe he had passing grades when school closed originally, and they said grades won’t drop any lower than that so he’ll graduate no matter what, but he was missing assignments and could bring his grades up. But I haven’t seen or heard from him in weeks. Of course, I still worry about him, especially when I get emails from his teachers about work not being done.

It’s all too much for me. I can’t wait for the school year to be over.


Day 24 of Isolation: First Day of School

Well, it’s been over three weeks since the kids have been in school. I’ve treated it like an extended spring break (which was technically last week), but that ends today. Today is the first day of digital school and also the day we learned the kids won’t be going back to school at all this year. That means digital learning the next two-and-a-half months and no prom or graduation for my senior (or graduation for my 8th grader). It’s going to be an interesting year, and I feel I should be encouraging the kids to keep journals about it for future generations.


Anyway, things went okay for my fourth grader. We had to improvise a little since we don’t have a printer so he had to do his work on paper then just type the answers into a blank document. Then he had to watch a video about the coronavirus and take a quiz.


The school is hoping to send the kids’ iPads home sometime next week which should make things a little easier as my 17yo also needs to computer to do her schoolwork (she goes to an online school to begin with).

My 8th grader’s first day was less stellar. She spent an hour doing some assignment in Google classroom only to have her school iPad crash before she could turn it in and for some reason nothing was saved. So she tried again and it crashed again. She was nearly in tears. The schools, though, aren’t grading any of the work so I told her to email her teacher and let it go for now. Not sure if she did or not.

Like I said… it’s going to be interesting.