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Picspam: Varro the BAMF

Had another challenge in stargateland to get done so figured I’d stay up tonight and work on it.  I’ll probably be exhausted tomorrow.  Like that’s new.  But, I had a little creativity going with my Sam/Jack manifesto so I rolled that over to finish this challenge.

Varro is BAMF simply for being a member of the Lucian Alliance.  Right from the start he has cred as a bad ass.  He makes his first appearance as the Lucian Alliance attempts to gate to and take over Destiny.  The mission is initially successful but Varro is injured during the incursion.  Their attempt at control is short lived, though, and their leader is killed.  After they are taken prisoner Varro is smart enough to know his place as de-facto leader of the Lucian Alliance group–he earns his keep helping in the infirmary and supports Young’s decisions about his people to keep the peace.  By the end of the show he’s the last Lucian Alliance member still alive.  Varro does what he has to survive but he still has principals that he won’t compromise and a steely loyalty to those who treat him well.  Plus he’s got that whole leather thing going on and that just has BAMF written all over it.

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