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Six Sentence Sampler

more from Heaven Can’t Wait:

A Grounder boy who looks twelve of thirteen stands off to the side looking uncomfortable and very out of place.

“Can I help you?” Bellamy asks, startling him out of his thoughts.

He drops a piece of equipment then scrambles to pick it up.

“What are you doing here?”

“Wait,” someone calls from across the room, “he’s with me.” Monty hurries over with an armful of circuit boards and wire.

Six Sentence Sampler

from Heaven Can’t Wait

“And you give the other one to this lug before he wastes away. I bet he’s barely eaten anything in days.” Murphy sets the apricot in front of Bellamy–an obvious challenge–then pops his own into his mouth with a smirk.

Heaven eyes both of them.

You aren’t going to win this one. Bellamy sighs.

Six Sentence Sampler

From Heaven Can’t Wait, chapter 39:

They take their share, avoiding eye contact with just about everyone and look for a seat. Bellamy spots Murphy sitting alone, staring blearily in to the mug in his hands. He doesn’t seem to notice Bellamy or anything else for that matter.

Bellamy starts to guide Heaven to the other side of the room, but something about the droop of Murphy’s shoulders and the haunted look in his eyes has him changing directions. Heaven notices Murphy, too, and immediately heads to that table, climbing awkwardly into a chair across from him. Murphy barely blinks when Bellamy joins them and begins dividing up their breakfast.

Six Sentence on Sunday

sixsentences~*~Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, in progress, for your cat — whatever.~*~

About three meters to the left and barely a meter from the ceiling, one stone in the wall shown smoother than the others. Like it had been touched more than the others. He probably wouldn’t have noticed it if he hadn’t been looking.

With a grin, he pressed on the stone, heart pounding with impending excitement. The stone moved silently, sliding inward then the unseen door opened with a pop–just enough Gil could grab the edge and pull it outward where it pivoted on one corner, opening farther. He peered into the pitch darkness, a memory pushing forward of Tarvek lightening a candle near a secret passageway.

Six Sentence Sampler

From an original story based on this prompt: “you are the last person in your band of survivors who still remembers what things were like in the old days.”

“Jerk,” I mutter which makes him laugh again.

I know without a doubt this man is Jamarcus Keats–mid-thirties, skin as dark as midnight that makes his golden eyes pop, with a thick mane of hair that grows down his face into a marvelous beard. His broad shoulders go on for miles where I grasp his shirt as he lifts me out of the truck. He could have played football back in the day. I think he would have liked that but I didn’t know enough of the rules to teach any of them.

He wraps my hand around his bulging forearm and guides me up a soft incline.

Six Sentences Sampler

Tarvek sighs. “Quit acting like a baby. Agatha has had her locket for years and is fine. This will work; she’s sure of it. And then everything can get back to normal–well as normal as anything around here. We’ll get Lucrezia out of Agatha and free Mechanicsburg and then-“

Six Sentences on Sunday


~*~Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, in progress, for your cat — whatever.~*~

From Uncalled For Actions:

“You think this is funny?” Tweedle spat accompanied by more violent shaking.

So many snarky comments fought to break free, but a decade of abuse shut up the urge–his survival instinct kicking in instead. He shook his head, hoping to calm Tweedle with submission.

“Good–you’re smarter than you look. Now back to my sister,” Tweedle said, leaning Gil farther out the window. “She’s young and doesn’t spend much time outside of the family, so she’s understandably overwhelmed when meeting new people.”

Six Sentence Sampler

“Thank you, sire,” she mumbled then hurried away, snatching up the discarded tray and mugs from the floor.

Gil watched her go with relief before turning his attention back to the still smug-looking prince. “Why do you have to be like that?” he asked, matching Tarvek’s defensive posture.

“Why did you have to lie?” Tarvek countered.

Gil bristled. “I wasn’t lie-“

Six Sentence Sampler

“It’s okay, really–I’m fine.”

“I- I’m s- so sor- sorry,” she stuttered, sniffling. “If you’ll allow, I’ll have your shirt and waistcoat replaced immediately.” Her watery eyes slid up to his as her voice dropped to barely a whisper. “Please don’t tell.”

Gil’s eyebrows shot up under his unruly fringe of bangs.

Six Sentence Sampler

He needed to keep away from Tarvek for his own good.

His fingers fiddled with the vial in his pocket as he walked the mostly empty halls of the castle. Poisoning Tarvek for what that crazy Smoke Kight did to him was the opposite of emotional control. It was beneath him as the heir of the Empire, and it would make Tarvek mad, and a significant part of him hated the thought of Tarvek being even more mad at him.

That thought brought him back to the party last night. He touched his lips with a grimace as he remembered Anevka’s kiss.

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