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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 37

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Chapter Thirty-Seven – Confused and Conflicted

One of the girls that works in the mess hall passes out candles. Bellamy’s is in a little tin cup. Clarke and Niylah share one which means they’re going to be together after lunch. Probably going back to Clarke’s quarters.

When Clarke reaches for Niylah’s hand, he can’t take it anymore. He knows he’s being a jealous, petty ass, but it’s been a crappy couple of days, and after everything, he can’t watch the two of them together no matter how platonic their relationship might be.

“I’ve got some work to do,” he mumbles as he collects Heaven, Bae, and the scraps of food.

Clarke starts at his sudden movement. Niylah gives him a thoughtful look as usual. Her hand slips from Clarke’s—a lot more naturally than when Bellamy attempted the same thing minutes ago. She knows. Goddamnit, she knows. How does everyone know except Clarke?

Maybe if you quit being an idiot and tell her.

Shut up.

“Bellamy-” Clarke says softly, tearing at his heart. But she doesn’t say anything else so he leaves. Like an idiot. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 36

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Chapter Thirty-Six – Show a Little Respect

The mess hall is quiet when they get there. It’s in between meals and obvious word’s already traveled. People are in shock and scared. It’s a vivid reminder of why they’re in here. The tension in the room would need a chainsaw to get through it.

Bellamy finds Harper and Monty sitting at a table drinking tea. More like staring into their steaming mugs. He sets Heaven across from them and digs her uneaten apples from his pocket. She immediately gets to feeding Bae. Nobody says anything for a long time.

“Is it as bad as they’re saying?” Harper finally asks.

Bellamy rubs his face. “Seven dead. They were still working on Jaha when I left. It doesn’t look good, though.”

Harper huffs. “Good. If anyone deserves to die, it’s that asshole.”

Monty slams his hand onto the table, getting the attention of just about everyone in the room. “Show a little respect,” he growls. There’s a twinge of danger in his voice Bellamy’s never heard before. “He nearly died fixing the station for you. Risking his life so you can have lights. Not all of them were so lucky.” Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 35

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Chapter Thirty-Five – Knock It Off

The lights begin flickering again as they turn the corner to Medbay. That can’t be good. The infirmary, though, is lit up like the noon-day sun thanks to emergency batteries and backup generators.

Raven rubs her forehead. She’s probably running probabilities and equations in her head, determining how long they have before the station fails completely. Bellamy does not envy her.

“I wish Sinclair was here,” she murmurs. “Someone else I couldn’t save.”

Damn. Bellamy doesn’t know what else to do except wrap an arm around her. “He’d be proud of you.”

She shrugs. “Things wouldn’t be falling apart with him.”

“Sinclair was good, but he wasn’t a miracle worker.”

“Says you.” Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 34

<< Chapter Thirty-Three | Table of Contents | Chapter Thirty-Five >>


Chapter Thirty-Four – You Didn’t Have a Choice

“Please help,” a familiar voice rasps. “Help us.” Jaha.

The impotent feeling fuels rampant anxiety. Bellamy doesn’t know what to do with Heaven because he knows this isn’t going to be good. But he can’t not do anything. Like Kane pointed out—this is who he is. He has to help.

He sets Heaven on a crate. “Stay here,” he says firmly. She gets the idea, pulling in her knees, squishing Bae to her chest. Good. She’ll stay. He hopes.

There’s a barrel of water off to the side marked as clean. Probably for the crew to drink while they’re working. Bellamy grabs a bucketful and braces himself.

Six people, including Jaha, sprawl out in various states of duress. It’s worse than anything he expected. Worse than Pendleton. He gags but pushes forward towards the least wounded. The ones that might be saved.

Jaha looks up at him with unseeing eyes. “Help.”

“They’re coming. Here.” He puts the bucket in front of Jaha’s shaking hands. The man cries out when he splashes the water onto his skin but doesn’t stop. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 33

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Chapter Thirty-Three – Helpless

There’s a bathroom at one end of the mess hall where they stop to clean Heaven up. Bellamy lets her splash in the sink while he wipes down her face and arms. How did she get oatmeal in her ears? Heaven fusses, turning her face away whenever he gets near her, but eventually he manages to get her clean then washes his own hands and face.

“Better, huh?”

She holds her doll up. “Bae?”

She’s about to dunk the doll into the partially filled sink when Bellamy finally understands what she wants. He dips his hand in the water and gently wipes at Bae’s face then dries it with the corner of his shirt. “Now Bae is clean, too.”

Heaven beams and hugs the doll, running for the door. Guess she’s ready to go. But go where? Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 32

<< Chapter Thirty-OneTable of Contents | Chapter Thirty-Three >>


Chapter Thirty-Two – Drama Queens

Bellamy’s mind races through everything that was said at the meeting—attacks and curses and Octavia being strangely supportive. He can’t make sense of it all. One fact keeps jumping to the front, waving its arms for attention—“Indra won’t let you keep her.” It’s not that he didn’t already know that, but hearing it said out loud is a punch to the gut.

Despite this ridiculous curse, Indra will find someone to take Heaven. If only to spite Bellamy. What am I going to do then?

Move on with your life like everyone else. It’s not rocket science.

He almost laughs at the voice, but nothing about his life or this situation is funny.

Heaven twists his hair harder as they enter the mess hall. Bellamy trains his eyes on the ground to avoid the curious gazes and gets in line behind two middle-aged women whispering to each other. Every few seconds they glance over their shoulders. He sighs, focusing on his boots like they are the most fascinating thing in the room. Heaven isn’t so laid back.

After the third or fourth sneer at them, Heaven raises her head, glaring hard at the women. They stare back, unblinking.

Who has staring competitions with toddlers? Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 31

<< Chapter ThirtyTable of Contents | Chapter Thirty-Two >>


Chapter Thirty-One – Cursed

“Cursed?” asks Abby. “Why would they think that?”

Indra frowns. “My people are very superstitious, and this girl is nothing but bad luck.”

Bellamy’s whole body tenses. How could they say that? She’s a little girl for crying out loud.

“Apparently,” says Octavia, “people around her tend to die. They believe anyone that interacts with her will meet the same end.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Bellamy says before he can stop himself. “Why would they think that?”

“From what we’ve gathered there have been a number of mysterious deaths attributed to her. Her mother died in childbirth then the midwife disappeared. Another that wandered too close to their house was found dead days later. Her father, himself, died young. And the woman entrusted with her care after that perished in the City of Light.”

Bellamy shakes his head. “That’s all circumstantial. She wasn’t responsible for her mother’s death or what happened in the City of Light. She wasn’t responsible for any of that.”

Octavia shrugs. “To them, it all adds up to a curse.” Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 30

<< Chapter Twenty-NineTable of Contents | Chapter Thirty-One >>


Chapter Thirty – Getting Us Nowhere

The freezing rain is like thousands of daggers nicking every inch of exposed skin. He shivers uncontrollably, teeth chattering. Or maybe that’s the adrenaline. Screams fill the valley, mingling with the staccato bursts of gunfire. The tent next to him is burning—acrid smoke stinging his nose and making his eyes water. The flames dance in the night but offer no warmth.

This is wrong.

He struggles to maintain a grip on his rifle in the rain. His finger slips from the trigger. But it’s not raining. Blood covers his rifle. His clothes. The ground. Everything.

So very wrong.

It’s for the greater good, a voice whispers in his head. They would have attacked eventually. We weren’t safe.

He’s not so sure anymore. There’s just so much blood. It rains from the night sky. He stumbles around the bodies and pushes back the flap of a tent to find a man too injured to walk. The man begs. Not for him. For the child cradled in his arms. She clutches a doll, face coated in blood, eyes staring blankly.

Bang. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 29

<< Chapter Twenty-EightTable of Contents | Chapter Thirty >>


Chapter Twenty-Nine – Just Go See Her

Once again, Bellamy finds himself wandering the halls of the station with no idea where to go. The claustrophobia is unsettling. Heaven waves the doll in front of him, pulling him from thoughts of attacks and being trapped. She’s so gentle and… normal. He’s never seen grounder children play with toys. Of course, he hasn’t seen many grounder children at all. It’s like they mysteriously sprout into adults.

He wonders what things will be like for them in the Ark. They won’t need to fight to survive. Or hunt. Starving’s still an option, though. There won’t be any wars if Bellamy has anything to do with it. They could go to school and make friends and just be kids. He looks down at Heaven, mumbling to her doll. It’s what he wants for her. What she deserves.

Logically, his head also understands she deserves those things with a stable home no matter what his heart wants. And as Raven pointed out, he had a tendency to put his life at risk without any thought. That is not a stable home. Read more…

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 28

<< Chapter Twenty-Seven | Table of Contents | Chapter Twenty-Nine >>


Chapter Twenty-Eight – There’s More Going On

When she’s finally done with Harper, Abby wheels her supply cart over to their table. “You two are my last patients.” She grins. “Until the next catastrophe anyway.”

Bellamy laughs, but he feels her stress. It’s always one thing after another on the ground. If they go longer than a week without an emergency, he’s shocked.

Abby turns her smile to Heaven. “Well, don’t you look adorable. I love the hair.” Her fingers skim over Heaven’s head then she pulls back the bangs.

“Oh, here,” Bellamy says, fishing the barrette out of his pocket. He tries to clip back her hair, but Heaven takes it out almost immediately.

Abby goes still, sparking Bellamy’s anxiety. “What? What’s wrong?”

A second later, Abby shakes herself out. “Nothing. Everything’s fine. Just a memory from another time. They sneak up on you sometimes.”

Bellamy doesn’t know what she means, but it’s obvious she doesn’t want to talk about it. His pulse slows now that his heart isn’t leaping into his throat. He needs to get a grip. Read more…

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