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Uncalled For Actions (18/?)

Days 120 – 126 of the experiment.


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Gil smiled in his sleep, childhood memories overwhelming him with familiar scents but unwanted feelings. He rolled to his side, hugging his pillow to his face.

Slowly, the familiarity waned and Gil pulled himself awake, slightly confused when he didn’t find himself in the greenhouse on Castle Wulfenbach. Or with Tarvek laying at his side, toes in the grass.

Just a dream, right.

With a heavy sigh, he sat up, stretching. The scent of wet grass hung in the air still from the open window near the bed. Gil peeked out, finding a misty rain coating everything including the sash.

He closed the window before setting about his day, pointedly not thinking about rain and picnics and best friends he could never have back. Read more…

Uncalled For Actions (17/?)

Days 113 – 119 of the experiment.


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Gil stared up at Anevka from where Tarvek had tossed him, his lips still tingling from the surprise kiss. “What was that for?”

Anevka laughed at her brother’s retreating form. “Serves him right for spying.”

“Spying?” Gil frowned then touched his lips. “Wait, you kissed me because you knew Tarvek was watching?” Anger bubbled up as she continued to laugh.

“Oh, Gil, you’re so innocent; it’s just adorable.”

Gil got up, stepping out of her reach. “You used me to humiliate your own brother.” He couldn’t hide the hurt in his voice. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted her.

Anevka’s smile fell away. “Come on, Gil, it was just a joke–don’t be like that.”

Gil just shook his head as he continued to back away from her towards the gate then he turned and ran. He was only a few seconds behind Tarvek, but the tunnel and staircase were both empty already.

Gil took the stairs three at a time, throwing open the gate at the top with a clank. Which way? He was about to head back the way he’d come with Theo earlier–towards the burning atrium–when he heard a door slam in the opposite direction.

Following the noise, he found himself in an older, less used part of the castle. The hall sported heavy iron doors every ten meters or so. Gil stopped in the center of the corridor, straining to hear any sound, any clue which door he heard slam. His only other option was to just try to randomly open them.

The closest two he tried were, of course, locked and the third had been welded shut. Gil backed quickly away from that one when something began scratching and the knob shook–his father did say Sturmhalten was notorious for its monsters. Read more…

Uncalled For Actions (16/?)

Days 106– 112 of the experiment.


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Gil wedged himself between a sturdy storage rack and the barrel and waited while Theo stood in the shadows next to the still-open door. As soon as the guards appeared, Gil kicked the barrel as hard as he could, sending it tumbling into the unsuspecting men.

“Go,” he yelled, dashing forward and hurdling both the guards and barrel. Theo was right behind him as they sprinted down the hall, sliding around the corner, only slowing when they came to a set of stairs.

“Which way?” Theo asked, glancing up than down.

Gil patted his pockets looking for his directions before remembering Celeste crumpled them. “I don’t know–do you have a map or something?”

“No, I was following Zulenna.”

Gil groaned–figured.

Behind them, footsteps grew closer, setting Gil into full flight mode.” Down is quicker,” he finally said before taking the stairs two or three at a time, leaping from the landing to the floor below, but the doors into the hall beyond were locked. Read more…

Uncalled For Actions (15/?)

Days 99 – 105 of the experiment.


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“Not taking the bait, huh?” he continued, eyes sparkling with amusement. “Aren’t you just a dedicated little thing? I wonder how dedicated, though.” He stood, rifling in his coat while his companions–probably the same idiots from yesterday–snickered at his side.

There was a swish of metal on metal that made all of the hairs on Violetta’s arms stand up and then a dagger landed ten centimeters from her left pinky. She didn’t flinch–just glared at the knife. More feet entered her field of view while interest grew in the confrontation. She was sure some people were taking bets, and she didn’t like her odds at the moment.

Another knife landed with a thunk between her hands, setting off additional rounds of betting. She never hated anyone more than she hated Martellus at this moment–him and his stupid games and always trying to make Violetta look bad.

What is his problem? She very nearly gave in to the urge to blurt the question but bit her tongue instead to keep quiet. Read more…

Uncalled For Actions (14/?)

Days 92 – 98 of the experiment.


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“What are you doing?”

“I’m not sure what you mean,” Tarvek said without looking up from the paper.

“You know exactly what I mean–you’re done with your work.”

“You’re not.”

Gil wanted to throttle him. “I didn’t ask for your help.”

“Duly noted.”

Tarvek took another paper that Gil snatched away from him, tearing it nearly in half. “Let me rephrase that in a way your small brain will understand–I don’t want your help.

Taking another sheet, Tarvek snorted. “You don’t want it, but you definitely need it if you plan to eat any time today.”

Gil growled–hating Tarvek even more for being right. “Now all of a sudden you care about my well-being,” he said as he quickly translated–ironically–a page of lunch menus.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know exactly what it means,” Gil spat, slamming the finished page onto his pile.

“I really don’t.” Read more…

Uncalled For Actions (13/?)

Days 85 – 91 of the experiment.


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He was saved from the internal struggle by the rear door opening, attracting the Baron’s attention.

“Ah, Aaronev,” he said, getting up, “I trust you had a peaceful rest.”

The Prince huffed and headed straight for his seat. “Tarvek, get me a coffee,” he grumbled then started going through his papers giving the Baron a belated, “good morning, Klaus.”

His father sat back next to him, raising an amused eyebrow as he sipped his own coffee. Gil bit back a smile because he was sure they were both thinking the same thing–the Prince was obviously not a morning person.

He watched as the servants settled pastries around the man but otherwise gave him a wide berth as others nervously gave morning reports on castle-affairs. Tarvek returned with the coffee and waited for further instructions while being mostly ignored until the man spit the coffee back into the cup.

“This is cold!”

Everyone in the room froze as the man’s face grew redder.

“I’ll get you another cup,” Tarvek mumbled, but his father snatched the cup away from him and marched over to the coffee engine where Arabeth began fiddling with the machine.

“Is this not working?” he demanded the terrified girl. Read more…

Uncalled For Actions (12/?)

Days 78 – 84 of the experiment.


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“That is the most important question,” Seffie said excitedly.

“Yes, Seffie, it really is,” Gil slurred.

They all stared at him, waiting for the big reveal, but Gil only slumped over, his mouth slightly ajar as he started to snore. Tarvek pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation then smacked Gil’s leg hard enough to jolt him awake.

Gil shot upright, blinking around the room before finally squinting at Tarvek.

Barkley stepped between them before any punches were thrown. “Master Gilgamesh, you were about to tell us who poisoned you?”

“You really have to ask?”

Barkley looked at the other children then nodded. “We won’t know unless you tell us, correct?”

Gil fell back on the bed again. “When in the den of thieves-”

“Wait,” Tarvek said, “are you saying we did this to you?”

“Why would Father poison the Baron’s apprentice?” asked Anevka, brow furrowed. “Politically, it would be suicide–the Baron would lock Balan’s Gap down hard until they found the culprit. I’ve seen it happen in other towns for less important people.”

Gil rolled to the side, shoulders shaking, and for a moment, Tarvek thought he was going to be sick all over the bed, but then he sat up, giggling. Read more…

Uncalled For Actions (11/?)

Days 71 – 77 of the experiment.


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Everyone at the table turned to him nervously. Damn, I said that out loud again. He tilted his head, waiting for someone to say something before he realized that he didn’t say that out loud this time.

The Smoke Knight–that’s what he’d been trying to remember.

He found Tarvek amid the blobs of color which was considerably difficult when 90% of them had the same bright red hair. “You have really strong genetics,” he told the red blob across from him.


Gil shook his head, not helping clear it in the least, but it did manage to jumble some words into a coherent sentence. “This is your fault.”

“My fault that you’re drunk,” he said with more than a little hint of smugness.

“Not drunk; drugged,” Gil slurred pointing his finger at Tarvek except it wasn’t his finger; it was a sprig of mint from dessert, and he was actually pointing it at the small girl sitting next to Tarvek who seemed unfazed by Gil’s absurd behavior.

He cleared his throat, dropped the mint then directed his attention back to his original target. “Why did you do this to me?”

Tarvek scowled back; at least Gil thought he did because he was still just a blob–probably a pretentious, smug looking blob but still a blob.

The room was too bright and too loud and too quiet–little whispers everywhere–and too hard and too spinny. Gil stumbled to his feet, his chair slamming into a waiter who dropped his bottle of wine with a loud crash that got even more attention.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Gil mumbled then tripped over his own feet, landing in Seffie’s surprised lap. He gave her a goofy, lop-sided grin. “Oops.” Read more…

Uncalled For Actions (10/?)

Days 64 – 70 of the experiment.


[PARTS 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ]

“This one time my f-” Gil started to say but snapped his jaw shut at the same moment Tarvek said, “what would you know about it? You don’t even have any parents.”

“Tarvek!” Anevka said with a gasp then smacked his arm.

Gil only blinked back, the fog in his head clearing just enough to realize his near-fatal mistake–had he really been about to name the Baron as his father?

His hand came up to rub at the sore spot on his neck. That damn Smoke Knight, he thought, brow furrowing, what did she do to me?

“What?” Tarvek said, glaring at his sister. “He’s an orphan–everyone already knows that.”

He shot Gil a challenging look–almost as if begging Gil to prove him wrong, and just like that, Gil was eight-years-old, digging through files in the Baron’s vault on a stormy night with the lightning making gruesome shadows in dark corners. They’d thought themselves clever, but they had no idea how that one adventure would change their lives forever.

The story they’d found in his file that night had been a sucker punch to an already broken boy, but Tarvek hadn’t believed a word of it.

It was days or weeks later when Gil finally processed everything that had happened from the moment they concocted their ill-fated and obviously fool-hearty plan to the crushing despair of learning about his supposed embarrassing past to Tarvek being hauled into the office where the Baron had just informed Gil that his best friend was just using him to gather information for his duplicitous family. Read more…

Uncalled For Actions (9/?)

Days 57 – 63 of the experiment.


[PARTS 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 ]

“He should probably loosen up.”

Anevka removed the glass of disputed wine, handing it to the waiter pouring new glasses of red wine. “Tarvek has been loose enough today, don’t you think?”

“I’m sure he could be looser; he used to be a lot of fun when we were kids,” Gil said without thinking.

“Wait,” said Seffie, “Tarvek was fun? I find that hard to believe–old stuffy-pants wouldn’t know fun if it smacked that annoying, smug look he always has off his boring face.”

Gil nodded, taking a sip of his new glass of wine. “Oh, yeah, we used to have tons of fun.” He scratched his head with a frown into the red liquid. “I wonder what happened?”

Tarvek growled; his grip on his fork turning white while his face flushed darker than his hair. “Oh, I don’t know,” he said, jaw clenched tight. “Might have something to do with being betrayed and sent home in disgrace after just nine months.”

A sudden burst of shame shot through Gil. “Right,” he mumbled. He felt sick to his stomach that had nothing to do with his foggy brain and sudden lack of taste buds. Had he really just said that out loud and in front of Tarvek? What was he thinking?

Gil slid his arm from around Seffie, setting her back on her own chair. She glanced between the two of them, a hungry look in her eyes. “Ooh, this sounds juicy–what aren’t you telling me?” Read more…

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