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My oldest two kids, Meagan (16) and Owen (15), somewhere in Nebraska.

My husband took the kids to Missouri for his mother’s funeral. They left on the 1st and drove 2,000 miles straight through, stopping to sleep in the truck at rest stops. 2k miles in 2 days.

The kids wanted to go on the trip. It would be an adventure they said. Well, they got their adventure. They were on their way home yesterday when the truck broke down. They made it from Missouri to Oregon and are now stranded about 250 miles from home.

We have no idea if or when they can fix the truck. Or if we can even afford to repair it. Which means we have no idea when they can get home. They’re going to be sleeping on the streets soon since we don’t have money for them to keep staying at a motel (that’s money we can’t use the fix the truck). Talk about an adventure!

Meanwhile, I’m at home worrying about them and dealing with the damn cat.


Bellamy meowing for the kids… so sad.

He’s almost 9 months old and doesn’t normally care for the kids bugging him, but he’s been so lost since they left. He often sits outside their bedrooms and cries for them to open the door. When they don’t, he gives me this sad look.

I’ve been trying to give him more attention, but every time I pet him, he gets up and moves a foot away. I’m not going to follow after him. Or he starts biting me. That’s a big nope for me. And he doesn’t like to be held. At all. If you try, he will scratch you to get away.

He’s so sad and depressed, he won’t even play fetch with me. And that’s his favorite thing. Poor guy.

Stargate SG-1 fic: Making the Best of It

This was started last month for a fictionland challenge but I never could get it to the minimum wordcount needed so it kind of just got forgotten.  I decided I like my original version the best (after adding almost 500 words to it) so here it is.

Making the Best of It
by jennickels (aka Jen Connelly)
Stargate SG-1
1561 words
rating: PG

Jack and Sam get stranded off world when the Stargate falls into the ocean. Now they need to learn how to get along with each other.

don’t own… wish I did, but I don’t. No infringement intended.

The cabin stood in a valley between the swell of two grassy hills. They glided up on either side like waves of green. A small stream snaked along the contour of one hill before disappearing into the woods behind the house. Out front a large pasture stretched out for acres, small cow-like animals grazing in the warm, summer sun.

“It’s kind of small.” Jack pulled his sunglasses off and let them dangle from the cord around his neck. Read more…

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