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Stargate Sg-1 fic: Five Things About Jack and Cassie

Another stargateland challenge. Pretty simple: tell five things about a Stargate character. Not sure how everyone else is doing this but I just made a list for each character I chose.

Five Ways Jack O’Neill Shows That He Cares (without actually having to say the words)

1. Jack gets the guys in the kitchen to brew up a pot of Daniel’s favorite blend of coffee then personally delivers it when the weight of the world depends on the archeologist’s research yet again.

2. Jack forces Carter to not just leave her lab to grab a tray of Jell-o in the commissary but to occasionally leave the mountain all together to get some real food.

3. When he knows the general is having a particularly bad day, Jack will keep his wisecracks to himself, pay attention in the briefing and even add intellectually to the conversation.

4. Sometimes Jack doesn’t even complain when Fraiser shines her penlight in his eyes or brings out the needles.

5. Jack goes five rounds with Teal’c in the gym, getting thoroughly pummeled, because he knows no one else wants to spar with the large Jaffa any more.

Five Things Cassandra Fraiser Doesn’t Want Her Mother to Find Out (but that Janet secretly already knows)

1. Cassie has been sneaking Janet’s smutty romance novels since she was fourteen years old.

2. Cassie kissed her first boy, Eliot Berger, at her middle school dance when she was only twelve years old.

3. Cassie actually likes doing the dishes and cooking and vacuuming… chores really aren’t much of a punishment.

4. Cassie sometimes confides in Sam instead of Janet because she doesn’t want her mother to worry even though she feels utterly guilty about it after.

5. Cassie is terrified of losing Janet and can’t stand the thought of her going off world but puts on a brave face and doesn’t say anything because she knows her mom is doing what she has to do and she’s completely proud of that.

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