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TV time [spoilers]

Caught up on a bunch of shows over the week.  I’ll try and remember my thoughts on them.  I’ve had a crappy, crappy week and just want to crawl into a hole and never come out but, alas, that’s not possible so here I am.

+How I Met Your Mother: I love the show but it’s feeling more and more like Seinfeld with their obsessing over the dumbest little things.  I hated Seinfeld when it was on and couldn’t watch it without getting a major headache so this is not a good direction for HIMYM.  I’m sure the show was always this way but their obsessing is really getting on my nerves.  I wanted to smack Ted upside the head for interfering with Lily and her pregnancy.  Leave the poor girl alone.  The stuff with Barney and Robin was funny, though.  And I love Nora.  I knew Barney would fall for her right away and they are so cute together.  Poor Robin, though.

+2 Broke Girls: I actually like this show.  It’s lighthearted and cracks me up.  I like best that the rich girl isn’t so conceited that she can’t survive being poor.  Her initial reaction to going to the Goodwill was cliched but in the end she enjoyed the bargains she found and flaunted them.  My only issues are how in the hell can they afford to keep a horse (and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to own livestock in the city) and what self-respecting waitress wears heels to work.  Um, sell the damn horse and you’d have enough to buy an air conditioner and then some.  And OSHA regulations dictate you have to have non-slip shoes when working in a kitchen.  Okay, not sure it’s actually an OSHA regulation but when I worked in the cafeteria in college they made a rule (the 2nd year I was there) that all staff HAD to have non-slip shoes bought from a store that sells work shoes.  They were ugly but safer.  Anyway, the show is predictable but fun.  I like how the two girls play off of each other.

+Two and a Half Men: Not really sure why they didn’t end this show after they gave the boot to Charlie Sheen.  Then again I never really was a fan.  I watch it because my husband likes it but it doesn’t really suck me in.  I only ever liked Berta and their mom.  They cracked me up.  The kid is so freaking stupid I don’t know how he can function although he seems to have grown out of his awkward, overweight stage over the summer, lol.  Ashton Kutcher is okay but he’s kind of an idiot, too.  Everyone on the show is in an idiot.  Maybe if they all got together they’d have a full brain.  But I occasionally laugh at it so I continue to watch with my husband.

+Castle: Great as always.  Although I tend to figure out the “who-done-it” several minutes before the cast (mostly because I watch way too many shows and can just predict the twists they’re going to throw in) I get drawn in to how they solve the case.  I still don’t care for the new boss.  She’s too bitchy and won’t even give Castle a chance and she treats Beckett like crap.  She needs to pull out that stick wedged in her ass.  Still can’t believe Alexis didn’t get into Standford.  What’s up with that?  The whole thing about Castle always getting her every opportunity so that she never felt disappointment and was taking her “failure” hard rang true.  I’ve met so many parents online that refuse to let their kids every fail and get them tutors and extra help and all sorts of extracurricular classes (that always give trophies to every kid lest they feel left out) to the point that these kids grow up never having failed at anything in their entire lives and then when they get into the real world and get turned down by colleges or for a job they don’t know how to cope.  I’ve heard of parents calling colleges and jobs up demanding to know why little junior didn’t get in and wanting to set up meetings to work it out.  Although I wouldn’t call Castle a “helicopter” parents like some of the nuttier parents I’ve met online he didn’t do Alexis any favors in that respect.  But she has a good head on her shoulders so I think she’ll learn to deal.  Stanford’s loss, IMO.  She’ll apply to some other school and show Stanford what they missed.  Yeah, I kind of focused on the personal stuff going on over the case, lol.  The frozen head thing was just so off the wall… but it had it’s funny moments.

+Terra Nova: I really like this show although we laugh at how they obviously raided the prop warehouse of the Jurassic Park movies, lol.  I guess it’s just the whole sci-fi, going back in time through a rift thing that sucks me in.  The dinosaurs are pretty cool, too, although I’m not really sure what the hell is going on.  I just like stuff where the people are living in a completely different kind of society and you get to see how things work.  That’s why I always liked futuristic movies.  I just like seeing how to world worked.  It cracked me up that good old fashioned American capitalism still ruled in Terra Nova.  Poor kid couldn’t afford his guitar.  Not very utopian of them.  Oh well.  I’ll still be amazed if such a high cost production makes it more than a season.

+Warehouse 13: OMG, OMG, OMG…  I’m not even sure what to say or where to begin.  I had to pause my recording right at the end of the first half because I burst into tears and couldn’t function any more.  It’s been a long, long time since a TV show has affected me so deeply.  My little Jack was looking at me like I had lost my mind as I cleaned him because I was bawling.  I was actually kind of surprised to find out Jinks was undercover.  I really did think he turned or maybe had ulterior motives for turning but I didn’t think he was working for Mrs. Fredricks.  Claudia was so happy to find out she hadn’t been betrayed but then, for a split second, I had doubts when the team showed up at the airport and it hangar was empty.  I thought maybe Steve had led them to the wrong place or they misinterpreted his message.  Right up until Pete went into the office and backed slowly out.  I knew then and couldn’t stop the tears.  The thing was I KNEW it was going to happen.  The last scene with Steve and the bad guys and him thanking Steve for his work… earlier Pete and Myka had been talking about the case and they say all the “henchmen” or whatever had one thing in common–they were all dead.  I knew they would kill Steve but still the realization just overwhelmed me and then Claudia catching up to what was going on.  It has been a very long time since I cried like that over a TV character.  It was just so…hopelessly sad and Claudia had just found out he wasn’t “evil” and was happy again only to find him dead.  I still want to cry thinking about it.  The first part of the second half was kind of a blur because I was still so upset over Steve dying and I had left it paused for a good 20 minutes while I cleaned up lunch.  Then the ending of the 2nd half with HG sacrificing herself right after being accepted by Pete (that was cute).  The image of the warehouse being blown to pieces was spectacular and just left me feeling…overwhelmed by everything that happened.  Artie bringing out the watch thing gives hope that it will all be reset (I saw him thinking of the watch earlier but had forgotten all about what it was for until that moment at the end).  And the scene with Claudia and Mrs. Fredricks and the metronome…oh gosh.  Poor, poor Claudia.  She’s had a really rough year.  Next summer will not come fast enough.

+Fringe: It’s almost last on my list because I FINALLY just watched last week’s episode last night.  I like the dynamics of the two worlds working together.  Sort of.  The other universe does seem a bit antagonistic in their dealings with “our” universe.  I still find it interesting that Peter’s involvement in the whole thing has just disappeared and everything carries on when he was the catalyst for the issues the two universes are having.  And Walter going progressively more insane (as if that were even possible, lol) because he keeps seeing and hearing images of Peter.  I knew, though, that the professor guy would figure out what was going on or at least catch on to the fact that the killer he was profiling had an awful lot in common with himself.  They said the guy (the serial killer version) had a 220 IQ.  He was too smart to not figure it out.  That was a big, “duh” and makes me wonder why either Olivia didn’t think of that to begin with.  I like seeing the differences between the two universes.  Everyone in the other universe is like slightly more bad ass it seems.  Olivia is more out there (unbuttoning her jacket as soon as she was pushed off the case and didn’t have to impersonate our Olivia any more) wearing leather an all that.  Lincoln just looks bad ass compared to his mild-mannered counterpart in our universe.  Charlie was all with the scar and… not dead and all that.  And Walter was all in charge, not crazy and a bit ruthless.  Bad ass universe.  And they have zeppelins.   That’s just cool.

+Blue Bloods: I watch this because my husband likes it.  It’s not a bad cop show and I’m shocked at what a good actor Donnie Wahlberg is.  I like the action stuff with him and his partner on the job but the family stuff just comes off overly preachy and sanctimonious.  But I did like that his dad didn’t give him any breaks.  Danny screwed up and he took his lumps like any other officer.  I did like his dad’s explanation of why he never gave his kids any breaks… because he knew they could be better and just expected them to be better.  And they rose to the challenge.  Parents today sell their kids way too short most of the time.  I’ve seen it on parenting sites time and time again and it’s usually with small stuff.  Like using knives or staying home alone by themselves.  I had one lady tell me that it’s too dangerous for a kid under 11 to use a steak knife.  Um, not if you teach them how and then expect them to use it correctly.  Amazing how when you do that a 5yo can manage to cut things without slicing a finger off.  If you treat your kid like they are incapable of doing something and never let them try or expect anything out of them then usually they will be underachievers.  Anyway, this was one of the better episodes.  Not too much preaching at the family dinner.  Or maybe I just tuned it out, lol.

I still have a couple other shows to watch and new Fringe and Sanctuary tomorrow–w00t!

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