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Throwback Thursday

My youngest daughter being hella adorable back in 2009. She had just turned 3. She used to love to wear dresses back then; not so much at age 10.

Throwback Thursday

July 4, 2014

Owen, age 12

Throwback Thursday

Sisterly love, May 2006


Brenna (3) & Meagan (5)

They were so adorable and loved each other. What happened?

Throwback Thursday

First day of school 2008


Owen (1st), Meagan (3rd), Brenna (kindergarten), Nora (age 2)

They looked so adorable in their uniforms, but I’m glad they are out of that Catholic school.

Throwback Thursday

In honor of my son’s birthday, a throwback to 2012 when he turned two.

Throwback Thursday

My oldest daughter, Meagan, shared this picture on Facebook of her and three of her siblings in 2010 with this comment:

currently my favorite picture of all time. i wish jack was old enough at the time to get in on this, its just so darn cute. me and my lifelong friends. so thankful that i get to live and grow with my best friends


August 2010–we had just moved to this house a week before after a five-day, cross-country trek. In the back: Brenna (7 1/2) and Meagan (10). In the front: Owen (8 1/2) and Nora (4). Jack was a month old.

And here’s the most recent pic I have of all five of them together at Owen’s 8th grade graduation in June.


From left to right: Nora (1o), Owen (14), Jack (almost 6), Meagan (almost 16) and Brenna (13).

Here’s what else Meagan had to say about her siblings:

ive been around these kiddos forever. no matter who walks in n out of my life, these fuckers are the ones who will always stick. i dont even want to think of us all starting our own lives and separating. its scary. ive lived with them my whole life, i hate to think one day i might have a hard time getting ahold of them because we let distance or time get in the way


This from a girl that has always said she hates being at home because there are too many people in the house and she can’t stand any of us. I guess she’s getting wise in her “old” age.

I look at the second picture and can hardly believe these are my kids. Three teenagers–two of them in high school in the fall. Am I old enough to have a sixteen-year-old? When I think about them, I still picture those little kids in the first picture.

Or like this:

February 2004

Brenna (15 months), Meagan (3 1/2) and Owen (2). So little.

Today is Throwback Thursday

I’m going to go into the wayback machine and bring up some posts from the past. Get ready.

#1: Scraobook Page of the Day: October 29, 2013


I actually made this page about Owen’s seventh birthday (which was 10/1/08) as an example for a post on explaining digital scrapbooking. It’s bee a long time since I scrapbooked.

#2: Springtime in Washington State posted on April 23, 2011

Jack exploring the back yard for the first time. He was 9 months.
(there are more pictures in the link)

#3: Stargate SG-1 fanfic: Last Chance

The story of Sam and Jack get stranded on a derelict cargo ship on an arctic planet. It’s a cliffhanger but I’ve recently had someone beg me to write the sequel I never got around to. I hope to find some time after NaNo is over. If my other original ideas don’t consume me.


Sam shivered, pulling her jacket tighter around her and digging her numb hands under her arms. She stood a few feet back, off to the side, watching him as he frantically fiddled with the dead controls.

“Sir?” she said, cautiously.

“Not now, Carter.”

She took a step closer, staying out of his range. Outside the wind blew over the field; the tall, wheat colored grass bending nearly to the ground and the white, puffy seeds of the near-by trees fluttering by. Sam fought the urge to shiver again, forcing ever muscle in her body to remain as still as possible. She gritted her teeth and tried again.

“Sir,” she said a little more forcefully, “it’s no use.”

“Shut up, Carter,” he answered in a slightly more authoritative tone.




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