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Book Review: Here Without You

Review of Here Without You by Tammara Webber

herewithoutyouStarted: 9/30/13; finished: 9/30/13

Goodreads rating: 5/5 stars

my rating: GAH!

Pages: 250 (ebook)

found: my kindle library


I can not express enough how much I LOVE this series. Way back in February I checked out the Amazon preview for Between the Lines—the story of four actors, stars: Brooke and ex-boyfriend, Reid; and fairly newcomers: Graham and Emma, trying to figure out life and love. The second book, Where You Are, follows their lives outside of the set as Brooke and Reid scheme to break up Graham and Emma. Which of course, backfires completely when Reid (the consummate bad boy) finally finds a conscious.

Graham and Emma go about their lives with the third book, Good For You, following Reid as he does community service after wrecking his car while under the influence. He meets do-gooder Dori who has to supervise his work and is taken by her. His new found moral compass has him wanting to do the right thing by her and it blooms into a real relationship.

Here Without You gives us the story of the fourth character from the first book, Brooke. She’s known as conceited, shallow, vapid. Bitch is a word normally associated with her. But she’s now ready to change things about her life. Starting with finding the son she gave away for adoption four and a half years ago, when she was just sixteen.

When she finds him he’s in foster care after his meth addict mother loses custody of him. Determined to get him back Brooke goes out of her way to change everything about her life, including her personality. Well, not so much change, as let out the real her. Getting her son, River, back isn’t going to be easy.

Reid gets sucked into the drama when he’s asked to sign relinquishment of custody papers. He was only fifteen when River was born but didn’t believe the boy was his until recently. But, maybe, he’s not quite ready to do that yet.

But the secret he’s kept threatens to ruin his relationship with Dori. He realizes he might have to choose between his true son and his responsibility towards the son he’s never met.


The story is beautifully told through alternating viewpoints—Brooke, Reid, Dori and River—as they all struggle to do the right thing when doing the wrong thing is just so much easier.

I absolutely loved this book. I was near tears so many times and the ending was just beautiful. I loved the fact that Booke, who is such a bitch in the previous three books, finally gets her redemption. I fell in love with Reid all over again as he struggled with the emotional impact of being in love for the first time and having a son that needed him. And watching Reid and Brooke finally forgive each other and move on to something like a friendship had me teary eyed.

Dori kind of made me mad because she gave up so easily but she thought she was doing the right thing, too. But seeing Reid hurt so much made me want to poke her eyes out or something. I’m kind of protective of my fictional love interests.

All in all this was a great read. I suggest starting from the very beginning with Between the Lines but you can probably get the gist of this book as a stand alone, too. But let me reiterate how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED the entire series.


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