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You’re Welcome

Once my football game (Chicago/Indianapolis) was over and I finished some crap on the computer I retreated to my room for some quiet time.  I’ve been having an Angel rewatch and I had like 20 minutes left in an episode so I watched that.  It happened to be the last episode on a disc so I changed it.  The first episode on the new disc was “You’re Welcome.”  I swear I stared at the start screen for over a minute before I got the courage to play it, lol.

It’s one of my all time favorite episodes but… it’s emotionally exhausting to watch.  It took me at least two hours to watch a 40-45 minute show.  Some of that was having to pause whenever the kids came in the room and while they got ready for bed (they were making so much noise in their rooms I couldn’t hear).  There were also the numerous trains.

But the rest was me having to stop to get control of my emotions.  At one point I was shaking.  I know it’s silly.  There is so much in that episode that just ties me up in knots.  The big one being the scene with Angel and Cordy talking in his apartment.  Angel looked so lost and, I don’t know, guilty, I guess.  For betraying the mission.  Cordy almost admits she was in love with him and I wanted to strangle her for not saying the words, something I’m sure Angel needed to hear.  Angel admits that Spike is a hero and you can tell how much that bothers him because he knows that should be him (even if the stuff with Spike ended up being a huge ruse).  And he practically begs Cordy to make things right.

Oh, not to mention Angel admitting that he needs Cordy and the subtext was pretty obvious.  I rewound that scene at least 7 times (some because of interruptions) just to get it all.

Then there was the huge fight between Angel and Lindsey which was epic and yummy.  I remember I watched the commentary one time and Christian Kane mentioned he wanted to come back on the show and finally get to kick some ass instead of constantly getting his ass kicked.  Didn’t work out too good, lol.

And, of course, there’s the end scene.  As soon as it started I was choked up.  I had to pause it twice before they even got to Cordy explaining she couldn’t stay.  But as soon as she said it I was in tears.  God, that was so heartbreaking.  I’m pretty sure that Angel is crying by the end.  So was I.

I had to turn the show off after that to recover.  I hate you Joss Whedon!

That’s not true, lol.  I know there were behind-the-scenes circumstances for Charisma Carpenter leaving the show but still… the way Joss kills off characters is just emotional torture.  A punch to the gut.  Do I need to mention Fred?

Also, I had forgotten how angsty the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 was.  From an Angel/Cordy point of view.  I mean, if you ignore all the squicky Cordy/Connor stuff.

There was more I was going to say about the episode but I woke up with a migraine and then pulled a muscle in my shoulder which is killing me.  Now the sun has come out so my head feels like it’s going to explode.  Time to go hide in my nice, quiet, dark room until the pain goes away.

TV meme

Snurched this from [info]pirateveronica.

Name a show you like that no one else enjoys: SGU–it really sucked me in the second season, especially the last like 8 episodes or so.  I didn’t want it to end.  *sniff sniff*

Name a TV show which you’ve been known to sing the theme song of: What show don’t I sing the theme song to.  My oldest cracked up when she heard me singing along to the Big Bang Theory.  She was like, “you know all the words, too?”  I’ve been known to randomly hum the theme from How I Met Your Mother and break into the theme song from That 70s Show and Enterprise and Veronica Mars.

Name a show you would recommend everyone to watch: Farscape–it’s just epic

Read more…

TV time: American Horror Story

Is anyone else watching this show?

I’m so freaking confused.  Exactly how many ghosts are in the house?  They seem to add a new one every week or something.  I guess I could go to the website like they suggest and see the “family” or whatever but I’m too lazy.

So on my count there are like 20 deaths on the property:

  • The original owner (the mad scientist)–although I don’t recall actually seeing him but he did die in the house
  • The original owner’s wife
  • the mutant kid which I assume is the entity in the basement that mutilates people that wander in
  • The two nurses murdered by the serial killer
  • The twin boys that Addy warned not to go in the house
  • Moira (the maid)
  • Connie’s husband (although I don’t think he’s been shown)
  • The crazy guy’s wife and kids
  • Tate
  • The two gay guys
  • The two nutcases that tried to kill Vivien and Violet
  • Hayden
  • And now we find out that Connie had another son, Beau who was deformed that she had the crazy guy kill in the attic (HOLY FUCK HE WAS CHAINED UP AND SHE WAS UPSET THEY WERE GOING TO TAKE HIM AWAY!?!?!?!?!?!?!)

Those are all the murders/deaths I remember in the house.  Although, I’m not sure if they’ve all appeared to haunt the house.  Most of them have at one time or another.  I liked the scene after Halloween of them all going back to the house after their one night where the line between living and dead is gone so they can roam the earth.  They all looked so dejected.

But still, I have no clue what the point of the story is except to be really fucked up.  Did the house always make people crazy or was it because of what the original owners did there (all the abortions and the mutant kid and stuff)?  Did that taint the house so that anyone that lives there eventually goes crazy?

And why hasn’t Tate figured out he’s a ghost yet?  The look on Violet’s face when he asked her if she thought ghosts were real was hilarious?  At least she kept her cool.  I sure wouldn’t want to set him off…the kid is crazy.

This show has no real plot and I have no idea what is going on but I tune in every week just to see what other weird thing they’re going to throw at the audience.  I was totally not expecting the whole Hunchback kid chained to the attic.  Connie is one sick bitch.  And why’d they have to kill off Addy.  She was so sweet…in a weird-breaking-in-to-people’s-houses-sta

lkerish kind of way.

TV time: The Walking Dead

Let me preface this post by saying I absolutely HATE zombie movies.  I mean they creep me the hell out.  Doesn’t matter what kind of movie it is.  Even the quirky ones done for lolz cause me to quiver like jelly.  Heck I even hid under my blanket, peeking out, through the Angel episode where all the Wolfram & Hart employees are turned into zombies.  And there was that one episode in SG-1 with that one zombie and I had my eyes only half open through that part.  I mean, this is a deep seeded dislike that goes way back to when I was a kid and tried to get through Night of the Living Dead that was playing on TV.  Late at night.  Alone.  I didn’t make it through the whole move.

Anyway, my husband kept going on and on about how he wanted to watch The Walking Dead.  Okay, a zombie TV show.  I find the concept intriguing.  I always find the backstory to zombie apocalypses interesting but I can never get past the creepiness factor.  But my husband really wanted to watch so he recorded the season premiere (I think it was).

And I really liked it.  Not to say I wasn’t creeped out and hiding under the blanket through most of the episode but I liked it.  Enough to okay buying season 1 on DVD earlier today (although we opted for the $20 version instead of the newly released $30 version with more behind the scenes stuff).  Now my husband wants to watch all the episodes.  Problem is we can’t do it when the kids are around because they tend to be equally creeped out.  They don’t usually scare easily with shows but having child characters adds to their fear.  Owen watched I Am Legend at like 5 without batting an eye but then caught part of a Goosebumps movie (horror made for kids) and was so scared he slept in the hall outside my dad’s room for a week.  The only difference was the Goosebumps movie had kids in it.  Must be something about it connecting more in his head.

So, yeah, don’t want to watch it with the kids around because I don’t do well being woken in the night by kids with nightmares (although it’s rarely ever happened) or having them wanting to camp out in the living room because that’s somehow less scary than their bedrooms.  But I don’t particularly want to watch them at night, right before bed.  Then I can’t sleep.  The only reason I got to sleep last night was because I took some Tylenol PM which seems to be the only way I can get to sleep at all (gonna have to do something about that soon because it’s not healthy).

So, in conclusion… The Walking Dead=good zombie creepiness.  It’s going to take me awhile to get through the first season, though, because I can’t imagine myself watching more than 1 episode a day and then I’m going to need several days in between to calm my nerves.  My husband does help by standing behind corners in dark rooms and jumping out to scare me.

TV time [spoilers]

Caught up on a bunch of shows over the week.  I’ll try and remember my thoughts on them.  I’ve had a crappy, crappy week and just want to crawl into a hole and never come out but, alas, that’s not possible so here I am.

+How I Met Your Mother: I love the show but it’s feeling more and more like Seinfeld with their obsessing over the dumbest little things.  I hated Seinfeld when it was on and couldn’t watch it without getting a major headache so this is not a good direction for HIMYM.  I’m sure the show was always this way but their obsessing is really getting on my nerves.  I wanted to smack Ted upside the head for interfering with Lily and her pregnancy.  Leave the poor girl alone.  The stuff with Barney and Robin was funny, though.  And I love Nora.  I knew Barney would fall for her right away and they are so cute together.  Poor Robin, though.

+2 Broke Girls: I actually like this show.  It’s lighthearted and cracks me up.  I like best that the rich girl isn’t so conceited that she can’t survive being poor.  Her initial reaction to going to the Goodwill was cliched but in the end she enjoyed the bargains she found and flaunted them.  My only issues are how in the hell can they afford to keep a horse (and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to own livestock in the city) and what self-respecting waitress wears heels to work.  Um, sell the damn horse and you’d have enough to buy an air conditioner and then some.  And OSHA regulations dictate you have to have non-slip shoes when working in a kitchen.  Okay, not sure it’s actually an OSHA regulation but when I worked in the cafeteria in college they made a rule (the 2nd year I was there) that all staff HAD to have non-slip shoes bought from a store that sells work shoes.  They were ugly but safer.  Anyway, the show is predictable but fun.  I like how the two girls play off of each other.

+Two and a Half Men: Not really sure why they didn’t end this show after they gave the boot to Charlie Sheen.  Then again I never really was a fan.  I watch it because my husband likes it but it doesn’t really suck me in.  I only ever liked Berta and their mom.  They cracked me up.  The kid is so freaking stupid I don’t know how he can function although he seems to have grown out of his awkward, overweight stage over the summer, lol.  Ashton Kutcher is okay but he’s kind of an idiot, too.  Everyone on the show is in an idiot.  Maybe if they all got together they’d have a full brain.  But I occasionally laugh at it so I continue to watch with my husband.

+Castle: Great as always.  Although I tend to figure out the “who-done-it” several minutes before the cast (mostly because I watch way too many shows and can just predict the twists they’re going to throw in) I get drawn in to how they solve the case.  I still don’t care for the new boss.  She’s too bitchy and won’t even give Castle a chance and she treats Beckett like crap.  She needs to pull out that stick wedged in her ass.  Still can’t believe Alexis didn’t get into Standford.  What’s up with that?  The whole thing about Castle always getting her every opportunity so that she never felt disappointment and was taking her “failure” hard rang true.  I’ve met so many parents online that refuse to let their kids every fail and get them tutors and extra help and all sorts of extracurricular classes (that always give trophies to every kid lest they feel left out) to the point that these kids grow up never having failed at anything in their entire lives and then when they get into the real world and get turned down by colleges or for a job they don’t know how to cope.  I’ve heard of parents calling colleges and jobs up demanding to know why little junior didn’t get in and wanting to set up meetings to work it out.  Although I wouldn’t call Castle a “helicopter” parents like some of the nuttier parents I’ve met online he didn’t do Alexis any favors in that respect.  But she has a good head on her shoulders so I think she’ll learn to deal.  Stanford’s loss, IMO.  She’ll apply to some other school and show Stanford what they missed.  Yeah, I kind of focused on the personal stuff going on over the case, lol.  The frozen head thing was just so off the wall… but it had it’s funny moments.

+Terra Nova: I really like this show although we laugh at how they obviously raided the prop warehouse of the Jurassic Park movies, lol.  I guess it’s just the whole sci-fi, going back in time through a rift thing that sucks me in.  The dinosaurs are pretty cool, too, although I’m not really sure what the hell is going on.  I just like stuff where the people are living in a completely different kind of society and you get to see how things work.  That’s why I always liked futuristic movies.  I just like seeing how to world worked.  It cracked me up that good old fashioned American capitalism still ruled in Terra Nova.  Poor kid couldn’t afford his guitar.  Not very utopian of them.  Oh well.  I’ll still be amazed if such a high cost production makes it more than a season.

+Warehouse 13: OMG, OMG, OMG…  I’m not even sure what to say or where to begin.  I had to pause my recording right at the end of the first half because I burst into tears and couldn’t function any more.  It’s been a long, long time since a TV show has affected me so deeply.  My little Jack was looking at me like I had lost my mind as I cleaned him because I was bawling.  I was actually kind of surprised to find out Jinks was undercover.  I really did think he turned or maybe had ulterior motives for turning but I didn’t think he was working for Mrs. Fredricks.  Claudia was so happy to find out she hadn’t been betrayed but then, for a split second, I had doubts when the team showed up at the airport and it hangar was empty.  I thought maybe Steve had led them to the wrong place or they misinterpreted his message.  Right up until Pete went into the office and backed slowly out.  I knew then and couldn’t stop the tears.  The thing was I KNEW it was going to happen.  The last scene with Steve and the bad guys and him thanking Steve for his work… earlier Pete and Myka had been talking about the case and they say all the “henchmen” or whatever had one thing in common–they were all dead.  I knew they would kill Steve but still the realization just overwhelmed me and then Claudia catching up to what was going on.  It has been a very long time since I cried like that over a TV character.  It was just so…hopelessly sad and Claudia had just found out he wasn’t “evil” and was happy again only to find him dead.  I still want to cry thinking about it.  The first part of the second half was kind of a blur because I was still so upset over Steve dying and I had left it paused for a good 20 minutes while I cleaned up lunch.  Then the ending of the 2nd half with HG sacrificing herself right after being accepted by Pete (that was cute).  The image of the warehouse being blown to pieces was spectacular and just left me feeling…overwhelmed by everything that happened.  Artie bringing out the watch thing gives hope that it will all be reset (I saw him thinking of the watch earlier but had forgotten all about what it was for until that moment at the end).  And the scene with Claudia and Mrs. Fredricks and the metronome…oh gosh.  Poor, poor Claudia.  She’s had a really rough year.  Next summer will not come fast enough.

+Fringe: It’s almost last on my list because I FINALLY just watched last week’s episode last night.  I like the dynamics of the two worlds working together.  Sort of.  The other universe does seem a bit antagonistic in their dealings with “our” universe.  I still find it interesting that Peter’s involvement in the whole thing has just disappeared and everything carries on when he was the catalyst for the issues the two universes are having.  And Walter going progressively more insane (as if that were even possible, lol) because he keeps seeing and hearing images of Peter.  I knew, though, that the professor guy would figure out what was going on or at least catch on to the fact that the killer he was profiling had an awful lot in common with himself.  They said the guy (the serial killer version) had a 220 IQ.  He was too smart to not figure it out.  That was a big, “duh” and makes me wonder why either Olivia didn’t think of that to begin with.  I like seeing the differences between the two universes.  Everyone in the other universe is like slightly more bad ass it seems.  Olivia is more out there (unbuttoning her jacket as soon as she was pushed off the case and didn’t have to impersonate our Olivia any more) wearing leather an all that.  Lincoln just looks bad ass compared to his mild-mannered counterpart in our universe.  Charlie was all with the scar and… not dead and all that.  And Walter was all in charge, not crazy and a bit ruthless.  Bad ass universe.  And they have zeppelins.   That’s just cool.

+Blue Bloods: I watch this because my husband likes it.  It’s not a bad cop show and I’m shocked at what a good actor Donnie Wahlberg is.  I like the action stuff with him and his partner on the job but the family stuff just comes off overly preachy and sanctimonious.  But I did like that his dad didn’t give him any breaks.  Danny screwed up and he took his lumps like any other officer.  I did like his dad’s explanation of why he never gave his kids any breaks… because he knew they could be better and just expected them to be better.  And they rose to the challenge.  Parents today sell their kids way too short most of the time.  I’ve seen it on parenting sites time and time again and it’s usually with small stuff.  Like using knives or staying home alone by themselves.  I had one lady tell me that it’s too dangerous for a kid under 11 to use a steak knife.  Um, not if you teach them how and then expect them to use it correctly.  Amazing how when you do that a 5yo can manage to cut things without slicing a finger off.  If you treat your kid like they are incapable of doing something and never let them try or expect anything out of them then usually they will be underachievers.  Anyway, this was one of the better episodes.  Not too much preaching at the family dinner.  Or maybe I just tuned it out, lol.

I still have a couple other shows to watch and new Fringe and Sanctuary tomorrow–w00t!

crying over TV

I admit I’m a TV junkie.  I like good TV, though.  I want a show that sucks me in and makes me really care for the characters.  I want to feel what they are feeling.

Very few shows really pull me that far into their world.  Most I fall in love with for various reasons and I like the show because it’s funny or has memorable lines and the characters are interesting and silly or whatever but certain shows just really get me.

A couple weeks ago I was watching Lost and I got to the episode where the freighter blows up taking Gin with it.  I actually screamed (well, not a full scream because it was the middle of the night and I didn’t want to wake people, more like a very loud gasp) and then I burst into tears.  I cried for several minutes.

I cried during the season finale of House in the spring, too.  Watching the characters deal with Amber’s death was heart-wrenching.  Same with Bones.  I teared up when Zack admitted he was the killer and couldn’t bare to watch that episode again for weeks.  It was just too painful.

Now another show sucked me in: One Tree Hill.  It’s not really the kind of show I watch normally.  I kind of outgrew the major teen dramas in college (besides Veronica Mars) but after watching Lost I needed to find something different to watch.

A friend of mine really likes the show and I know it is popular so I checked it out.  After watching the 1st season I was interested.  I was starting to like the characters and really loathing some of them (because that is what you are supposed to do).

Well I’m half way through season 3 and I’m devestated.  I haven’t cried this hard in months, not since my seperation.  If you’ve seen the show you probably know I’m talking about Keith’s death.  That whole episode was sad and I didn’t cry only when Keith died.  I cried through most of it.  The kid that went on the rampage…that was so sad.  I was that kid.  I was the invisible kid in school, just skating by–happy to be ignored most of the time.

I was the kid that went home and cried myself to sleep because I couldn’t understand why people disliked me so much or cared so little. I was the kid that had to learn not to care, to be flippant and uninterested in other people.  “Whatever” became my catch phrase because I didn’t want to care any more.  It was the only way to survive.

And I did survive.  There was a little speech in one of the scenes about how the point of high school is to just survive and go on with your life.  I think I figured that out back then, sometime mid-sophomore year.  One more day over was one less day I had to spend in school.  And now as an adult looking back, it doesn’t seem so bad.  All the things teens find important usually don’t matter in the end.

Anyway, I watched that episode and the next with a heavy heart.  I cried and cried and felt all the pain the characters were feeling.  I graduated high school 13 years ago and that one episode brought back a lot of old feelings and pain.  Watching characters deal with a death of a loved one brought back all the hurt and confusion of losing my mom 8 years ago.  Then there was the pain I felt being seperated from my husband.  That was the freshest pain of all.  He might not have been dead but the stages you go through when you grieve are the same.

The denial, the anger, the guilt, the depression…they are all the same.  I felt them all in the 6 weeks he was gone.  Right down to the acceptance.  The only difference between a seperation and a death is with the seperation there is a chance to make ammends.  Just days after accepting that things were over and he wasn’t coming home, that I would have to live my life without him–he called and begged to come home.

Six weeks doesn’t sound like much now but it was an eternity back then.  I didn’t think I was strong enough to go on, but I did.  Just like I didn’t think I was strong enough to go on after my mom died, but I did.  Just like I didn’t think I was strong enough to get through high school and junior high (which was 10 times worse then high school), but I did.

Makes me worry about my kids.  In just 6 years my oldest will be off to high school.  Two years after that my son will join her and the year after that my middle daughter will be a freshman.  I’ll have 3 kids trying to navigate the insanity.  That’s a scary thought.

Okay, I’m rambling yet again.  All this silly nostalgia over a TV show.  All the tears over a TV show.  All the memories…

Now that’s good TV.

new obsession

Well, I don’t know if it is a true obsession yet but I am now a big fan of Lost.  I was looking for a show to watch last week and settled on Lost and now I’m hooked.  I had never watched a single episode before then.

My reasons for not watching were pretty simple.  When the pilot aired there was something else I watched on at that time.  Next thing I knew they were several episodes in and from the previews I concluded that it was the kind of show you really wanted to see from the beginning so you could appreciate and understand what was going.  So I never watched it and here they are getting ready for season 5 in January.

My dad recommended it to me over the summer.  He caught it in reruns and got hooked and we already shared a love of many of the same shows/kinds of shows.  So finally last week I found a website that hosted all the episodes online and started watching.

I think I was hooked from the very first moments of the first episode.  The whole plane crash was spectacular.  By the end of the episode I was into it and loved the format of the flashbacks that gave just a tiny bit of info about the characters.

Since then I’ve watched all of seasons 1, 2 and 3.  I’m on episode 3 of season 4 right now and very, very confused…which is a good thing.  The show plays up on the feeling of being “lost” which is how I feel.  I’ve watched every episode in turn with only minutes (or a night) in-between and I’m still lost and confused, but in a good way.  It makes you feel like you are one of the survivors trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

And I’ve become emotionally vested in the characters. I’ve cried on more then one occasion, the last was when Charlie died (I really liked his character).  I’m totally into the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle and can’t blame Kate for not being able to choose although it gets on my nerves sometimes, mostly because she keeps hurting Sawyer and what that man needs is a stable relationship.

This show is going on my list of DVDs to pick up.

no scrapbook page of the day…

I realize I haven’t been doing one.  There’s no real reason.  Mostly it’s because I haven’t been doing a lot of scrapping the past few weeks.  I think I’ve done 4 pages since the beginning of the month (all on one day last week).  I have a finite amount of finished pages and if I keep putting one up every day I’ll run out in a few weeks.

So, now I just put one up when I feel like it, lol.

Also (thanks to my ADD) I’ve had to switch gears to a new hobby so I don’t get bored with scrapping.  I’ve been playing the Sims 2 a little more this week.  I just got the new EP–Apartment Life and had fun building a crazy apartment complex where the apartments are all odd sizes and shapes and overlap each (in every direction).

I finished watching all the Angel episodes last week and picked up watching Buffy again.  When I stopped before I was just starting season 4.  Now I’m in the middle of season 5.  So I’ve been doing that a lot more.  I’ve only seen most of the episodes once.

And, of course, the kids are back to school now.  That means I’m a little more busy.  I’m up at 6:30am every morning.  I have to help my 5yo get dressed (she can’t put her uniform on without help), I have to get my 2yo changed and dressed because my husband is also back to work and that means Nora (the 2yo) has to walk with us in the morning.

Because of all the changes I started a new routine for us (I think I mentioned that before) and now I take Nora and we go for a walk after we drop the older kids off.  Then we come home, have a snack, and then I clean something until lunch and then find something else to clean after lunch.

It’s working pretty well.  On Monday I was just super busy with the kids and school so no cleaning (I had to walk to and from the school 3 times that day then we walked to the store–all by lunch time.  On Tuesday I took Nora for a walk then we visited with a friend until lunch.  Then I cleaned the living room and mopped before school got out.  On Wednesday my husband had off (he worked one whole day and then had 2 days off, lol) so I left Nora and went for a quick walk to the store just to get a Dr. Pepper (major craving) then at 9:30 I started cleaning the kids’ room.  I stopped for 15 minutes at lunch time and then went back to work.  It took me until almost 1:30pm to get it all cleaned and straightened up.  Then, of course, my son wet his bed that night so now his stuffed animals and sheets are on the floor (waiting for the matress to dry).

I’ve done like 6 loads of laundry in the last week.  Normally I do the kids’ laundry on Sunday and me and hubby’s whenever the basket gets full (usually every other week).  I’ve already washed the kids clothes twice, the baby’s clothes, my clothes and 2 loads of towels/bedding.

Yesterday I took the day off.  My knees are killing me from all the walking and going up and down the stairs and my legs are just sore.  It’s a good feeling kind of sore but it still hurts to move so I figured I deserved a break after all the cleaning I did on Wed.  Instead I played the Sims 2 and watched Buffy and just did nothing.  Well, I did a couple loads of laundry, a load of dishes and cooked dinner.

No rest for the wicked, right?

Today (if it doesn’t rain) I’m going to take Nora for a quick walk then to the park to kill time until the library opens at 9am.  Then we’re going to the library for a bit (she’s never been and I’ve never been to this particular branch so it should be fun).  Then we’ll go home, have a snack and I’ll probably clean her room.  She decided to redecorate with black crayon all over.  Hopefully I can get most of it off.  Then we’ll have lunch and I’ll clean up the dining room.

Or maybe I’ll skip that and do the kitchen.  It needs the most work and tomorrow is our annual block party and my friend and her kids are coming over to celebrate with us which means people are going to be in my house and it is a mess (well, certain rooms are).

And, since you got this far, here’s a random scrapbook page:
Run Wild

I did this one early in my scrapping career with Microsoft Picture It.  I really like this picture even though it is blurry.  Good memories.


Yeah, so I haven’t done much scrapbooking, writing or much of anything else lately.  I stuck in an Angel DVD the other day and next thing I know I’ve watched 7 1/2 DVDs (that’s like 25+ episodes).  Joss just has a way of sucking me into his shows.

I started watching from the middle of season 2 and right now I’m in the middle of season 3.  I just watched “Waiting in the Wings” last night.  One of my all time favorite episodes simply because of all the Angel/Cordy stuff.  I guess I’m a hopeless romantic but I get all giddy and then teary eyed watching Angel deal with the fact that he’s falling in love with Cordy, who happens to be his best friend.

Now that I’ve seen all the episodes, though, it is all so bittersweet, knowing they will never be together…ever.

I once had this little “dream”.  When I say dream I mean more like a little story/movie that I made up in my head (I’m usually totally awake for these things).

Anyway I had this dream that veered drastically from canon.  In my version of events, Groo never showed up after WitW and Angel and Cordy kept with their…whatever it was relationship.  Connor is never abducted by Holtz (although there was some of the stuff with Wes taking him).  Cordy and Angel end up getting pretty close but he’s always too afraid of going any further because of the curse.  Cordy takes on the roll of “mom” to Connor who eventually grows into a toddler.

At some point Buffy and the gang from Sunnydale show up needing Angel’s help.  A huge conflict errupts between Angel/Spike and Buffy/Cordy over past feelings, etc, but in the end Angel has to admit to himself and Cordy that he’s in love with her but before that ever really happens all hell breaks loose and Angelus is freed.  It takes everyone to reign him in but they are too late to save one member of the team…Cordy.  She’s been turned into a vampire just because Angelus is pissed she could have such an effect on him.

But before Cordy can do much damage she is captured by her friends along with Angelus and Willow uses her mojo to no only ensoul both of them but she is able to change the curse so that it is no longer a curse…meaning they are free to love and be as happy as they want to be.

Angel is eternally grateful but feeling utter guilt over more crap that Angelus did.  Cordy, though, is pissed beyond belief at Angel and because she was able to kill just one human is not dealing with being a vampire well.  She doesn’t leave, though, because she wants to stay for Connor and Fred’s new baby (with Gunn).  But her and Angel are pushed apart by circumstances and it is years before they reconcile, not for lack of trying on Angel’s part, though.

It was an interesting story idea.  My stories though tend to be kind of fluid, meaning that there are never solid beginning and endings and I am always coming up with alternatives or changing things to the point where I can’t tell where one story began and ended.

I know at some point I added another part to the story that changed a few things around.  It had Cordy getting ready to marry some guy.  She is in love with Angel but won’t admit it or won’t let her feel those things because he’s Angel, her best friend.  Angel’s totally in love with her but wants her to be happy and, as usual, sacrafices his own feelings.

But something happens (it’s been awhile so I don’t remember the details) and Cordy and Angel end up in a fight to where she changes the wedding plans so they are during the day, meaning Angel can’t come.  It just about breaks his heart and he retreats into himself.

Cordy leaves town with her new husband, still pissed at Angel until she reappears a few years later with a baby and no husband.  She doesn’t want to talk about but needs a place to stay and Angel obliges.

The story kind of then melds into the one I talked about before except it is a couple years later, Connor is a preschooler, stuff that happened at the end of Buffy…just didn’t happen mostly because I hadn’t seen the end of Buffy yet to know what was going on and Angel is still in love with her.  Then it picks up with the Buffy et al. showing up and all hell breaking loose.

It was a little different but had the same end result of Cordy being a vampire with a soul and no curse but pissed at Angel, again.  Evnetually they work things out and have a really bizarre vampire wedding attended by all manor of people and their 2 human children.  What a world, lol.

Maybe I’ll write a version of it some day.

In the mean time here’s a few icons I made for my LiveJournal (they’re mostly from “You’re Welcome”)

Neil Patrick Harris

I’ve seen many, many reviews for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog and I’m baffled as to why NPH is only ever mentioned for being Doogie Howser and playing “himself” in Harold and Kumar (which I finally saw all the way through the other night…well the edited for TV version anyway).

Um, he does have a show on TV right now.  A very funny show going into it’s 4th season at that.  How I Met Your Mother is one of the most unique and funny shows I’ve watched in a long time.

The premise is (and how many of the epsidoes open) Ted is telling his teen children how he met their mother when he was in his 20s.  In the very first episode of the show he meets Robin, the girl of his dreams.  After he spends the entire episode convincing Robin (a TV anchorperson) to go out with him and that he is a nice guy they end the show with Ted telling his kids, “and that is how I met your Aunt Robin.”

From there we have watched Ted (an architect), Robin, Marshall (Ted’s best friend and a lawyer), Lily (Marshall’s fiance who is a kindergarten teacher and an aspiring artist) and Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) as they negotiate new found adulthood and what to do with their lives.

Originally the show was supposed to be about Ted.  I’m sure that is what they had in mind when they wrote it.  The other characters are there just to support Ted but within a few episodes it was apparant that Barney is, well, “awesome,” as he would say.  Neil Patrick Harris steals almost every scene he is in and is just hilarious as the womanizing, self-absorbed, suit wearing wise ass.

His philosophy in life is pretty much to sleep with as many women as possible with as little emotional connection as possible.  He even has form letters he leaves for his many conquests (just needing to fill in their names, which he rarely remembers).  This whole image is just made funnier considering that Neil Patrick Harris is actually gay.  It’s hard to picture because he plays the character so well.

It isn’t until the last season (season 3) that you see Barney open up some.  After a drunken one night stand with Robin,  Barney is beating himself up over violating the “bro code” that says you never sleep with your best friend’s ex-girlfriend (or something to that effect).  The whole thing causes a rift between Ted and Barney.  Ted “dumps” Barney as a friend which devestates Barney to the point he can’t function.

The final episode has Barney actually caring more for his friends then himself and a little glimpse that maybe there was more going on between him and Robin then either wanted to let on.

The show is fabulous and I highly recommend it.  Season 4 starts next month sometime and they are airing the last episodes of season 3 on Mondays on CBS.

I know when I first started watching this show I couldn’t imagine Neil Patrick Harris as being anyone but Doogie Howser.  I grew up watching that show.  But now…now I picture him as Barney and I’m sure I always will.

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