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Day 48 of Isolation: Week One of Quarantine Done

Two weeks ago, I was cleaning out the garage when I started having a tightness in my chest–like it was being squeezed or pressed on. One week ago, I took an impromptu trip to the ER to have it checked out because the pressure was still there.

Turned out I have high blood pressure. Really high blood pressure. Like dangerously high. The doctor, who I only saw for a couple minutes then treated me via a phone in the room, prescribed some blood pressure medication and sent me on my way, hoping that was the cause of the tightness.

But as chest tightness and difficulty breathing are symptoms of COVID-19, I was told to quarantine myself from my family as best I can just in case. Plus, I could have picked something up while at the hospital so it made sense.

It’s been a full week, and so far so good. The chest tightness has mostly gone away, and some of my other annoying symptoms are starting to clear up like constantly swollen legs near-daily headaches.

20200502_192307.jpgMy blood pressure monitor came today which has pretty much been the highlight of the week.

After a few checks throughout the day just to see, I seem to be averaging around 139/80 which is nowhere near as high as when I was at the hospital (191/92 and 167/102) but still in the high category. I’m guessing the meds have been working. Now I have to start taking my blood pressure every morning when I wake up. That’s going to be interesting because this monitor requires you to sit at a desk and be relaxed for five minutes, and when I wake up, it’s because I have to urgently pee. I guess I’ll see how it goes in the morning.

Other than that, I’ve been bored out of my mind. I finished watched Red vs Blue–all seventeen seasons, and am now rewatching The 100 in a hope for inspiration on my fanfic.

Being quarantined from my family has been very strange. I mean, on a normal day, I can go without seeing the kids for hours, but most of the time there’s someone in here every hour to ask me something. Now, I’m just alone. I don’t speak to anyone for more than a few minutes. I’m completely dependent on the kids to get me food except none of them really know how to cook, and the stuff they can cook–we don’t have of that in the house right now.

For the past couple days, it’s just been my youngest two home so the 14yo is taking care of the house and her brother and me. I eat once a day because they forget about me and I don’t want to bother them.

I think everyone is counting down the days until I can get out of quarantine so I’ll start cooking again and the grandson can come home (currently at his dad’s house just in case).

As for my health other than the blood pressure… I haven’t developed any new symptoms so far. With my luck, though, I’d be fine until the two-week mark then suddenly develop a fever and cough. I think I’m in the clear, though. Nobody else is sick either.

I just can’t wait to go back outside. Watch, though, as soon as I can leave, it’ll rain for two weeks straight.

Taking a break

Apparently, I get a surge of energy at the start of each month that dwindles by the middle.

I wore myself out editing these old stories. It doesn’t seem like it would be a lot of work, but for some reason, rereading my old work is more emotionally exhausting than I expected. There’s a lot of cringe-factor involved with how I used to write then the stress of trying to bring that writing up to my current standard without completely rewriting the thing. Then the formatting that needs to be done and just ugh.

So, anyway, taking a bit of a break but have decided I’ll continue to post LOVE stories into March until I get bored or run out of stories.

Come back for more revised stories and maybe some new ones, too.

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