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I did it

So, as you might recall, I signed up for the monthly challenge at 750words. That is to write 750 words at least each day of the month.

Well I did it. Not only did I do it but I kicked its ass into next Tuesday. I wrote over 1000 words every day at the site and all of it was on one story (I also did some writing not at the site this month on top of the 1000+ words each day).

The grand total came to…
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750 words

Anyone else use this site? 750 words

I signed up last summer but because of my depression and lack of computer time I never did anything. But since it’s January 1st I think I’m going to make a commitment. I signed up for their monthly challenge for January.

The writing doesn’t have to be creative or anything. Writing a post counts as words on the site. You can write anything. The goal is just to write 750 words every day. And they keep track of all sorts of data (like how long it takes you to write your 750 words each day).

I did the calculations and that comes to over 270k words for the year. If you do it every day. I doubt I’ll actually make it all 365 days but even a month’s worth is 20k+ words.

Anyone else want to challenge themselves this year?

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