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original fic

[updated 1.8.15]

This is a comprehensive list of my original fic posted online.

After Effect
Based on a true story. When they say that your life flashes before your eyes when you are dying, what they really mean is that your future is played out. [PG]

Bad Kitty
Based on a true story. When Julia Carlson left for work that morning she didn’t expect to spend her day huddle behind a car, bullets flying everywhere. But life has a strange way of working things out. [PG-13]

The Spirit in Christmas
A Christmas carjacking ends with the gift of a dolly from one special girl to another. [PG-13]

A Girl I Used to Know
Eve was a girl I used to know. Blond hair all trussed up in pink bows. She had eyes like emeralds, and a smile that frightened even the devil. [PG]

Hallmark Doesn’t Make a Card for That
Cooper pops back into Emma’s life at an unexpected time to try and make up for past mistakes. [PG]

The Showing
In a world where children are a luxuray and treated more as pets, Agatha has to decide if she wants to join a family or not. (1382 words) [PG]

Waking Up Strange
Mellie wakes up strange and strange things just keep happening. Will she figure out what is wrong or is she really going insane. Nothing is as it seems. This was written as a companion piece to jem0000000. You might be able to find her story here(1251 words) [PG]

Crashlanding on a planet is never in any pilot’s plans but now Hoyt and Gery are stuck. And they’re not alone. (1399 words) [PG-13]

In a distant future one man wants revenge for events that happened hundreds of years in the past. I worked with the amazing recklessblues. You might want to read his story first although I’m not sure it makes anything clearer. (1363 words) [PG]

In the distant future when things are planned and scheduled for maximum efficiency and satisfaction, a woman wonders if this is what life was really meant to be. (1319 words) [PG]

Below the Moon
The world ends, the moon continues on. (100 words) [PG]

The Roof
Sometimes it takes a safe place to finally open up to your very best friend. (499 words) [PG]

Trouble Wears Pearls
Nick is an out of work actor (unless you count his self- produced online shorts). Karen is the mother of a budding actress that appeared in his last movie (self-produced, of course). They’ve been friends for a year while Karen helps him write his next movie. And then Nick unintentionally throws a wrench into the works—dinner and dancing. He’s not sure things will survive his impromptu invitation. (1250 words) [PG]

After Life
What happens when we die? Jean was pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to be like this but her family will help her to find her understanding of it all. Dedicated to my mom, Glenna Jean, who left this life too early on August 19, 2000, at the tender age of 51. I hope she’s found some peace in the afterlife. (569 words) [PG]

Stories about Sarah Logan and Matthew Tucker

I created these characters many, many years ago, but have never written more than a few vignettes for them. Essentially, Sarah and Tucker have been friends since they were in preschool, living next door to each other. Then one day Tucker turns on Sarah, destroying their friendship. Most of the stories revolve around their early years and various incarnations of them trying to fix things.

Monkey Bar Memories
Sarah Logan has wandered back into Tucker’s life after fifteen years. He has lots of regrets and lots to make up for and he plans to do. (783 words) [PG]

Script: Back Porch
It’s the night of the prom and things did not end well for Sarah. Now Tucker wants to try and make things up to her. [PG]
find it at:

Break My Bones
Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you…unless you let them. Sarah has to deal with Tucker and his idiot friends. (488 words) [PG-13]

Damn Hollywood
Sarah has chosen her life but it’s nothing like she remembers from the movies of her childhood. It’s a hard lesson to learn. WARNING: reference to domestic abuse (177 words) [PG-13]

Not Supposed To Be
Sarah isn’t sure of much in her life any more but she knows without a doubt that this—this event, this moment—isn’t supposed to be this way. WARNING: reference to miscarriage (159 words) [PG-13]

Keeping Secrets
Secrets sometimes are too much to keep, especially the kind that change your entire life. And the lives of others. (232 words) [PG]

The Mystery of Women
Companion piece to With Or Without You. Tucker tries to figure out exactly what Sarah wants. And what he wants. (191 words) [PG-13]

With Or Without You
Sarah and Tucker rarely get along and just once Sarah wishes he would just leave her alone. But is that really what she wants? WARNING: language (154 words) [R]

Three Drabbles (out of four)
Three short drabbles about Sarah and Tucker just dealing with every day life (plus a bonus Angel fanfic drabble). [PG]

Chances Are Easily Lost
{the story}
Tucker gets some unfortunate mail and realizes that feelings die hard and chances are easily lost.
(312 words)[PG]

Camp Out
Sarah and Tucker spend the night camping out in the backyard. (1056 words) [G]

Planting Love
Sarah’s parents have never really made her feel safe and secure but when they move in with Gram things start to change for the little five year old. (356 words) [G]

In the Beginning
Sarah meets Tucker for the very first time when she decides to run away from home. (422 words) [G]

Sarah is missing home during her nightly ritual. (708 words) [PG]

untitled ficlet
The first little snippet of “the story” I wrote back in 2008.  Tucker finally confesses his feelings to Sarah after a horrible falling out.  Lots of angst and sweetness. (1402 words) [PG]


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