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A Story Told in Sentences

I have a new project in mind for the year: a story told in sentences.

But aren’t all stories told in sentences? Well, yes, but this time, I’m only writing a few sentences at a time and posting them each day (or week–depends).

After reviewing my wordcounts the last couple months and considering my energy levels, I decided that having a minimum wordcount for each day isn’t currently working for me. It’s not motivating which means I’m not completing it even when it’s only 100 words.

Since that wasn’t working, I wondered if maybe I could change the format–instead of writing 100 words, I’ll write just one sentence. Obviously, writing only one new sentence a day won’t get me far, but what if I write two sentences on the second day and three sentences on the third day. I think you see where this is going.

So my goal for January is to write sentences each day–one more than the last day. I haven’t decided if I want to keep them all in one story or spread them around. And I haven’t decided what I’ll do at the end of the month. Will I restart with one sentence on February 1 or will I do 32 sentences? I guess it’ll depend on how I’m doing at the end of the month.

It seems like a silly distinction–words vs sentences. Several sentences are going to be well over 100 words, but I’m hoping just the change in format will help me stay focused. It gives me a different kind of endgame.

Here’s hoping.

Happy New Year.

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