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The 100 fanfic: Heaven Can’t Wait

heavencantwaitThe 100 | [PG-13]
Canon divergent. With the Apocalypse banging at their door, the Arkadians and what’s left of Trikru take refuge in the remains of Alpha Station and hope for the best.

Over 500 souls crammed into a tin can, but there’s only one that has Bellamy wrapped around her little fingers. Written for Camp NaNo: heaven.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Can’t Save Everyone
Chapter 2 – One Live Saved Is One Life Saved
Chapter 3 – Not Alone Anymore
Chapter 4 – Don’t Get Attached
Chapter 5 – Finally Got Something Right
Chapter 6 – A Little Sidetracked
Chapter 7 – I Think She Likes You
Chapter 8 – Baby Whisperer
Chapter 9 – In Too Deep
Chapter 10 – Can We Keep Her?
Chapter 11 – Good Luck With That
Chapter 12 – Best View in the Station
Chapter 13 – I Have an Idea
Chapter 14 – Why Doesn’t She Like Me?
Chapter 15 – It’s a Really Bad Idea
Chapter 16 – We Need You
Chapter 17 – They’re So Cute At That Age


Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 17

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Chapter Seventeen – They’re So Cute At That Age

Bellamy ignores Kane’s shouted orders to come back. He really doesn’t care and has more important things on his mind. Let him fire me. Solves my problem. There’s nothing wrong with being a tailor.

The voice laughs because he knows Bellamy could never give up the responsibility.

It takes a good twenty minutes of walking before he starts to calm down. He finds himself among the makeshift homes families have built out of whatever scraps they could find. Arkadia is becoming a village.

Was becoming

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Random Camp NaNo Update

I haven’t done any Camp updates this month because, well, I really wasn’t doing Camp. I made a random goal of 30k words like usual just to have a project listed and hoped a real goal would come to mind.

My depression was spiraling out of control at the end of March, I was behind by eight chapter for Heaven Can’t Wait, and had skipped writing half the months of February and March. At that point, I was going to be happy with just writing every day. Which is a very noble goal, just not one the Camp site really allows.

Really, my goal needed to be to catch up with my chapters, but by the time April started, I was so far behind, I didn’t think that was even possible so I didn’t think about it at all. Until last night. Read more…

Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

From another random Red vs Blue story:

“What are you wearing, mate?” asked Wyoming, cocking his head at Wash’s outfit–slacks, a stiff button-down shirt, and loafers.

Wash looked down at himself. “What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“You look like you’re going to court or something,” said North.

“You said we were going out-”

“To have a good time not give testimony.”

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 16

<< Chapter FifteenTable of Contents | Chapter Seventeen >>


Chapter Sixteen – We Need You

Little noises break through the fog of sleep. A bang here. A knock there. Drilling? Bellamy groans when his head starts pounding in time to the racket. He stretches his arms over his head, regretting it a second later when the movement pulls at his stitches. The little girl wakes, too, looking around blearily for the source of the noise. Suddenly, the crate to their right screeches across the steel floor. The girl squeaks in surprise and starts crying.

“Sorry,” someone says. “Didn’t see you there.”

Bellamy wearily gets to his feet, rubbing the girl’s back as she clings to him in confusion, fingers twisting painfully in his hair again. They seem to wake up like this more often than not. “What’s going on?”

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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 15

<< Chapter FourteenTable of Contents | Chapter Sixteen >>


Chapter Fifteen – It’s a Really Bad Idea

Clarke and the girl stare at each other for a few tense moments before Clarke succumbs to the child in herself, sticking out her tongue. It’s enough to make the girl laugh, easing the tension down a couple notches. Bellamy smiles at both of them—the relief he feels is physical. He needs the two of them to get along. He’s not sure why.

Liar. You know why.

He shakes away the annoying voice as Clarke gets up. “I’m supposed to meet Raven for breakfast. She promised me real food. Want to come?”

“Do I get a plus one?”

She looks at the girl for a second. “I guess. If she promises not to stab me with anything while we eat.”

Bellamy chuckles. “I can’t make any guarantees.”

“I guess if I want your company, I’ll have to chance it.” She immediately blushes like she said too much.

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Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

From another Red vs Blue fic I’m trying to finish. I’m kind of in love with York and Carolina.

“Lots of things bother me,” York said, falling into step next to her again. “I just deal with them differently.”

“Like how?”

“I play pranks on Wash–that’s always good for easing tension-”

“I’m being serious, York.”

“You always are, Carolina.”

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 14

<< Chapter ThirteenTable of Contents | Chapter Fifteen >>


Chapter Fourteen – Why Doesn’t She Like Me?

As Bellamy reads, the girl points at pictures, babbling away. By the end of the book, Bellamy’s picked up a few new words in Grounder. By the third reading, he’s learned the word for “again,” and that the girl really loves picture books.

After he finishes the book a fifth time, the girl yawns wide and snuggles against him. “No-taim,” she murmurs, smacking the book.

Bellamy groans. He forgot about this part of having kids. The repetition. The relentlessness. She slaps the book again, shooting him an impatient scowl. With a sigh, he flips to the first page. “This is the last time. I’m serious.”

She settles down, thumb in her mouth, but a few pages in, her head lolls to the side. Bellamy keeps reading, letting the cadence of his voice rock her to sleep. At the end, he holds his breath and gently closes the book, waiting. The girl snorts then starts sucking her thumb again, eyes shut. He lets out a sigh.

“That was my favorite when I was a kid, too.”

Bellamy glances up at Clarke leaning against the table across the room. When did she get here?

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Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 13

<< Chapter TwelveTable of Contents | Chapter Fourteen >>


Chapter Thirteen – I Have an Idea

Before Bellamy can make it to the door, the dome above flashes a brilliant white as lightning slashes the night sky. The ground rumbles with distant thunder and the lights flicker. Several kids yelp in surprise. The lights go out completely with the next burst of lightning. Bellamy counts the seconds until the thunder booms—four and a half.

The lights blink back on a moment later but continue to fluctuate madly in a strobe-like effect that sends Jasper into a song. Another strike sets the rest of the kids cheering. The party is on.

Bellamy counts to three this time before the thunder shudders the entire station. The storms are moving faster now. And coming closer together. It won’t be long before going outside won’t be an option. The thought sends a shiver down his spine.

Not going to last a year.

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Red vs Blue fic: Better Late Than Never


1007 words | [PG-13]
Yet another mission shot to hell, but Carolina’s having a hard time staying mad at York. What with his flowers and awkward flirting.

She was going to kill him. And she knew a lot of ways to do it. Long and painful ones. He’d totally deserve it, too.

Carolina paced the alley, grumbling to herself. They had a timetable to keep. She’d calculated it down to the minute. She didn’t have time for a delay. For York to be late. They were supposed to be professionals. She checked the time on her HUD. If he wasn’t here in the next sixty seconds she was going on without him. It wouldn’t be as easy, but she could manage. And then they’d leave his ass here.

“Maybe it would teach him a lesson.”

“Teach who a lesson?”

She spun, ready to clobber him for making her wait, but then she noticed the flowers in his hand. That was new. “Where have you been?”

“Got tied up. You know how it is.”

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Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

I’ve been kind of on a Red vs Blue kick the last week. So here’s a bit from an entertaining scene I wrote for a post-season 15 AU where Loco built a ship that only an idiot could fly.

Church moved out of the way so Caboose could take the controls.

Grif stared at the console. It was covered in blinking lights and brightly colored buttons. “It looks like a Lite Brite had an affair with an Etch-a-Sketch, and this is their love child. No, seriously, I think the controls are an Etcha-a-Sketch.” Grif pointed to a red box in front of Caboose.

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