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The 100 fanfic: Heaven Can’t Wait

heavencantwaitThe 100 | [PG-13]
Canon divergent. With the Apocalypse banging at their door, the Arkadians and what’s left of Trikru take refuge in the remains of Alpha Station and hope for the best.

Over 500 souls crammed into a tin can, but there’s only one that has Bellamy wrapped around her little fingers. Written for Camp NaNo: heaven.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Can’t Save Everyone
Chapter 2 – One Live Saved Is One Life Saved
Chapter 3 – Not Alone Anymore
Chapter 4 – Don’t Get Attached
Chapter 5 – Finally Got Something Right
Chapter 6 – A Little Sidetracked
Chapter 7 – I Think She Likes You
Chapter 8 – Baby Whisperer
Chapter 9 – In Too Deep
Chapter 10 – Can We Keep Her?
Chapter 11 – Good Luck With That


Update on Bellamy

It’s been a week since my daughter woke me in hysterics because Bellamy was covered in blood and hiding under the sofa. He was such a mess those first two days that I honestly wasn’t sure he would make it.

But I’m happy to announce that he’s made a full recovery. He’s at about 90%. His jaw is still broken but doesn’t seem to bother him. He eats soft and hard food and finally started drinking water last night (his last hurdle).

The bites on his chest have all healed, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of infection. He no longer has a limp (that was there a week before this incident).

The only thing worrying me now is that he’s started sneezing a lot more. The doctor said that might happen because his nose was jacked up, but he’s doing it a lot more suddenly. My oldest daughter said she’s heard him coughing. And it obviously still pains him to swallow. I think he just needs time with the swallowing. The coughing could be a problem. He’ll need to go get a checkup soon so we’ll see about that then.

I think the vet is going to be shocked at how well he’s bounced back. She listed him in critical condition and gave him less than stellar odds of surviving the first few days.

He really is a trooper. He’s pissed at everyone because we won’t let him outside. Which means he’s being even more obnoxious than usual.

On Hold

Posts are going to be on hold for the week, including new chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait.

Thursday morning, our cat, Bellamy, came home broken and covered in blood. The vet put his injuries down to blunt force trauma probably from a car, but it looks like someone could have kicked him in the face. I don’t know why anyone would want to do that.

His face is a mess. And he has a seeping wound on his chest that she thinks might have been older and abscessed. Whatever happened to him Thursday, ruptured it. It’s pretty bad, and I feel awful that no one noticed this wound. There were no signs that he was hurt besides a limp on that side.

He’s going back today for more x-rays on his face to see if his jaw is broken. He won’t eat or drink even though it’s obvious he’s hungry. He’ll run to the bowl but change his mind once he’s there.

I haven’t been able to concentrate the last couple days so there hasn’t been any writing. I think I’m taking the next two weeks off. Hopefully, but then, Bellamy will be better and I’ll catch up on chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait.

My poor baby when he was about a year old last summer. You almost can’t recognize him–his face is so swelled up and broken.


And bonus… when he was a kitten.

Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

From “Work of Fiction,” the SG-1 AU fic where the Stargate is considered an object of art until they are attacked.

“Yesterday afternoon, our history was re-written in a way unimaginable just hours earlier. The Great Ring–so long a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit–opened and let through a monumental evil never before known on this Earth. I had always left the idea of aliens to the science fiction writers. Daniel Jackson seemed to have it right in his first novel, Ring of Death, when he wrote, ‘the people of Earth would be caught with their arrogance up and their guard down because who would dare attack from such a benign object as a ring.’

“I wonder if he knew how close to the truth he would hit. Our eyes are open now; we are humbled.”

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 11

<< Chapter Ten | Table of Contents | Chapter Twelve >>


Chapter Eleven – Good Luck With That

Bellamy stares at the ceiling for a long time, still trying to convince himself that what he told Harper was true. Hasn’t Clarke been telling me that for months now? And Clarke is usually right. He wants desperately to believe it, but he has a feeling that even if they can physically survive five years locked up—and he kind of doubts it—they’ll lose their minds long before they can open the doors.

He rubs at the throbbing spot between his eyes. This isn’t going to end well. The fighting has already started, and the doors aren’t even shut yet. Lockup will be full in a month at that rate. He doesn’t want to think of what the next step will be. How do you keep five hundred people in line?

You sacrifice the ones that step out of it.

Read more…

Monthly Goals

Recap from January:

Reading: One book. That’s it. D
Writing: Well, I kept my streak and wrote at least 100 words in a story every day, but I didn’t even attempt to rewrite Boys Like Mine. C
Finishing/Editing: Finished all the chapters! A+
Posting: I got caught up in my chapters which means I posted five. I also posted two other stories. A++

I guess I’ll give myself a C+/B-. I did a lot of editing which distracted me from reading and rewriting the novel. Still a lot of work done.

February Goals:


  • read three books to make up for missing January’s goal
  • read four books for my Goodreads challenge


  • finish four back-reviews
  • write reviews for any new books read


  • write every day in my writing journal/keep my streak going
  • write at least 100 story words every day
  • write next three chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait


  • finish and edit four chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • finish and edit one March 2017 prompt
  • finish and edit one April Camp 2017 prompt
  • finish and edit one older fic (anything before February, not including March and April 2017)


  • post four chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • post two other fanfics

January Round-Up

All things reading and writing.


Um… Well… Yeah. I got through one book. Happens every January–I burn myself out catching up in December.



I managed to finish and post a bunch of backdated reviews from December.


January wasn’t that great, but I did manage to write every day, keeping my streak going. I fell short of my goal by over 8,000 words, though. Still a good start to the year all around.   Total: 21,205


Streak: 396 days! (since January 1, 2017)


This is kind of all over the place. I finished and/or edited a bunch of chapters for Heaven Can’t Wait. I finished an old March prompt (one of my goals). Rewrote and started editing “try” from April Camp last year. Also finished but didn’t start editing at least two short fics.


Heaven Can’t Wait

Don’t Look at Me That Way (The 100)
A Little Note of Advice (Stargate SG-1)

Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

He holds up his knife. “Because this isn’t the way. This is going to end badly.”

“Why are you helping him if you hate him so much?”

Murphy shakes his head. “I’m not helping Wells–I’m helping you not make the biggest mistake of your life.”

Heaven Can’t Wait – Chapter 10

<< Chapter Nine | Table of Contents | Chapter Eleven >>


Chapter Ten – Can We Keep Her?

Bellamy’s not sure how long they’ve slept before he’s jolted awake by shouting in the hall. The little girl squeaks in surprise when he jerks straight up, nearly dropping her. She twists her hands into his shirt and starts crying. For a second, he thinks he might have dreamed it, but then the doors fly open.

Abby’s the first one in the room. “Over there on the table. Jackson, get the-”

Bellamy immediately tunes out the medical mumbo-jumbo as more people follow in a flurry of activity. Bryan and another guard carry someone by their arms and legs. They grunt as they lift him onto the table. It takes Bellamy a moment to recognize Pendleton. He wishes he could unsee what he saw because the person on the table barely looks human.

Read more…

Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

More from a chapter I’m editing.

“I see you’re making friends as usual,” Jasper says, words slurring slightly. “Who’s this? A new princess?”

Murphy gets up with a huff. “Fits. She’s as mean as the last one.”

Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~~ Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project —published, in progress, for your cat — whatever. ~~

A little bit from chapter 10 of Heaven Can’t Wait.

Eventually, Harper sits up and wipes her eyes with the tips of her fingers. She sniffles a few times while she watches the little girl suck her thumb in her sleep. A smile spreads across her face. “Aw, look at you—that’s so cute with the cuddling and sweetness.”

“Whatever,” Bellamy grumbles, getting him a skeptical look from Harper. What is it with the women in my life seeing right through me?

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