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Six Sentences on Sunday

~*~Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, in progress, for your cat — whatever.~*~

Strong hands caught her, setting her back on her feet. She remembered a second too late that she was wandering around the forest alone, not at all paying attention to her surroundings. Bellamy would be pissed.

Sure enough she looked up into dark, angry eyes. She felt her face flush, sending prickles down her neck as the heat of embarrassment fought with the sting of the winter air.

“What are you doing?” Bellamy demanded, dropping his hands.

–a random The 100 fanfic (aren’t they all–one of these days I might actually finish one)

Flashback Friday Fic: Road Trip (SGA)

Welcome to Flashback Friday Fic where I go back and repost fic I wrote years ago.

roadtripThe Atlantis jumpers are good for a great many things. Taking long flights between planets is not one of them. Now Rodney is stuck in the small compartment with his team with flashbacks to an ill-fated college road trip.

1076 words | rating: PG

“I’d like to reiterate again what a colossally bad idea I think this is,” Rodney told the others as the jumper headed into the wormhole. They exited the other side and immediately took to the air, rising into the atmosphere in seconds. “I don’t do well on road trips,” he continued, oblivious to his team’s rolling eyes and pointed stares. “I get claustrophobic and there’s the matter of snacks and bathroom breaks. And there’s always one person that never shuts up.

“I remember this one time as an undergrad, I went with some other people in the dorm to a football game. Don’t even ask why I was going. There was this girl—a blond, real sporty. Anyway, the drive was like three hours, and it was hell. The driver refused to stop for any breaks other than his own, and the music blasting…”

“McKay,” Sheppard barked, interrupting Rodney’s train of thought.


“We all know you think this is a bad idea. Your protest has been noted.”

“Several times,” Ronon muttered.

Rodney glared at them. “All I’m saying-”

“We get what your saying,” Sheppard cut in. “Now can it.”

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Last Lines


Bellamy tosses another clump of dirt away. “Finn is a nice guy; he’s just a dumbass. He didn’t think he’d see Raven again, but he should have told your right off the bat.”

–a random The 100 fic

Throwback Thursday

First day of school 2008


Owen (1st), Meagan (3rd), Brenna (kindergarten), Nora (age 2)

They looked so adorable in their uniforms, but I’m glad they are out of that Catholic school.

Last Lines


“I’m gonna take a quick shower-” She starts to get up but I gently press her back down. “I’ll be like fifteen minutes.” She takes the water but just turns the bottle around and around in her hands

–a The 100 fic

Last Lines


My heart thuds painfully against my chest, threatening to tear free. I’m pretty sure Clarke can hear it. It takes effort to keep my breathing steady.

–A The 100 fanfic (that’s pretty much all I write any more)

Crazy Quirks

We all have them–those things we do that most people find odd but make perfect sense to us. One of my strangest quirks is the fact that I like to organize things. For most people, cleaning the garage is a chore. For me, once I get going, I bliss out with all of the organizing. I’ll work for six or seven hours straight without even realizing it.

When I get stressed out, I make spreadsheets to organize information. Or I go through and reorganize all of the folders in my documents folder on my laptop. I’ll alphabetize DVDs or clear out my junk drawer.

The other day, I found a website that keeps track of your writing projects and word counts. I was in heaven. I spent a couple hours just filling in all of the totals from my spreadsheet. Yes, I already have this information organized in detail, but I couldn’t resist going through it again.

I’m a little crazy like that. Anyone want to join me on the crazy train?

Writing Prompt

I found this in my prompt folder and couldn’t believe I’d never posted it.


I didn’t know you could love and hate someone equally until I was introduced to Joss Whedon’s storytelling. He’s both a genius and a monster. He’s evil, but in a good way.

Eight Years

I got a notice from WordPress that I have officially been on this site for eight years.

Here’s the text from my very first post here:

When I get bored…I make new blogs.  I’m just searching for a blog home.  A sight that I feel offers me enough options to satisfy my blogging with the least amount of money dished out.  I’m not ready to start paying to blog yet.  I just blog out of boredom…about whatever comes to mind.

Sometimes it is rants about my kids and husband.  Other times it is to show off my newest scrapbook page or sweater I knit.  In November I blog about NaNoWriMo, a novel writing challenge.  You just never know what I might write about on any given day.

Real profound.

In July 2008, I only had four kids. They were 8, 6 1/2, 5 1/2 and 2. We were all living at my dad’s house in Chicago again, and I was heavy into digital scrapbooking, had fallen in love with all things Joss Whedon, and got hooked on Stargate SG-1. It’d be another two years before my youngest is born and we move across the country. 2008 was also my fourth year doing NaNo, and the first time I won.

Six Sentences on Sunday


~*~Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, in progress, for your cat — whatever.~*~

He puts his hands up in mock surrender. “Just saying you have that look about you.”

“What look?”

“Like you have a Titanic-size stick up your ass.”

Monroe nearly snorts beer out of her nose. Traitor, Clarke thinks.

–From a modern AU The 100 fic I’m working on.

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